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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mv21227</b></div><div>Myers doesn’t cost a 1st to dump at all. Using a pending UFA to balance the salary for a trade doesn’t add or subtract any value, and the Blues could realistically flip Myers with retention for another asset at the deadline

Podkolzin is still a solid piece. If Hoglander or Raty would be preferable that can be changed

Wingers typically don’t get huge returns. 1st + Podkolzin/Hoglander/Raty + Woo is a pretty good return for a winger based on historical comps. Another prospect/pick could be added to put the offer over the top and outbid any other potential suitors, but if you think you’re gonna get something like 2x 1sts and an A+ prospect prepare to be disappointed if he does get moved</div></div>

Oh boy. Okay.

- I did not say it cost a 1st to dump Myers. I said dumping him eats up most of the value of that 1st. Which it definitely does. Sending back like 5M in cap of a player they have no use for costs. This is not on the house. Where do people get the idea this stuff is free? I'm legit baffled. The Blues are not in Chicago mode, people. They're also up against cap and aiming to get into the playoffs while they retool.

- Podz may well feel like a solid piece to Vancouver. In STL, big meh. He'd be way down the pecking order, and has regressed two straight seasons. Hoglander would be somewhat more interesting, but you guys need to stop focusing on adding up value and ESPECIALLY on "comps". Start focusing on what would convince the Blues to come off Buch. Guys like Podz ain;t it.