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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>uphere</b></div><div>Lagesson is exempt from the expansion draft because he doesn't have enough NHL games played. He needs to get into 10 more, which seems unlikely at this point.

A lot rides on how the NHL views Klefbom's situation. He hasn't played in over a year, and if the NHL decides that his career is in jeopardy because of his shoulder issues then he will not be available for the expansion draft and Edmonton will not be required to protect him. I don't recall the NHL ever making a decision in favor of the Oilers, so it seems likely Holland will have to decide whether or not to protect Klefbom. But if I am wrong, and the NHL decides Klefbom's prognosis is poor, then Holland will be in a pretty good position.

As things stand at the moment, if the NHL does Holland a favor then Seattle may have to choose from Neal, Turris, Kassian, and Kris Russell... of those, I am going to guess that Kassian would be Seattle's choice. The list changes is Holland comes to terms with either or both of RNH and Larsson before they hit the UFA market. Signing RNH will likely result in Archibald being exposed in the draft. Signing Larsson will result in Jones being exposed.

I think securing RHN under reasonable contract terms is well worth the possibility of losing Archibald, and I feel the same way about securing Larsson under reasonable contract terms at the expense of quite likely losing Jones. The catch is that the either, or both of RNH and Larsson might price themselves out of Edmonton.

Another possible move Holland might make is leaving Koskinen exposed and protecting Stalock. I think that is very unlikely to occur, unless Holland feels he has the inside track on signing a guy like Dreidger or Ullmark, and possibly bringing back Smith on another one-year value deal.

Its all speculation, but that's what makes it interesting.</div></div>

Ughhhh, k. I was really just commenting on the fact that I like Lagesson more than Jones...