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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TML_Tika</b></div><div>I think you are right that it is extremely risky and the reason why Dubas is going to add one more experienced NHL defenceman as a UFA on the cheap. Although it is extremely risky I also think it is extremely rewarding for the Leafs to also go with these defenceman for the following reasons:

1. Rielly is without a doubt a top 10 defenceman in the NHL and especially from an offensive perspective.
2. Muzzen is without a doubt a top 10 shutdown defenceman in the NHL.
3. Holl is emerging as a shut down defenceman paired with Muzzen with some offensive upside.
4. Sandin has top pairing defenceman potential written all over him and he may be the next Nick Lidstrom or Borge Salming.
5. Lehtenon was top defenceman in Europe last year.
6. Dermott has massive upside and potential top pairing defenceman and just needs more responsibility.
7. Liljegren has tremendous potential as an offensive defenceman in the NHL and should have been top 5 draft pick in his year if was not sick during the season.</div></div>

This is an extremely homer comment.

1- Rielly is most definitely not a top 10 D man. I can easily think of 10 who are currently better
2- from a shutdown only perspective Muzzin isn’t top 10 either. He’s a very good two way defensemen but there are easily 10 D in the league better in their own zone than muzzin.
3- comparing sandin to two hall of famers is absolutely ridiculous. I think sandin has top pairing potential but to say he’s a future Lidstrom is just absurd.
4- lehtonen is a huge wild card. Great year in europe but still TBD how his game converts to North America
5- Dermott absolutely doesn’t have top pairing potential looool
6- no chance lilly should’ve went top 5 in his draft. Yes he fell cause he was sick but there are easily 10 better players I could name off the top of my head who are better from 2017
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Do you guys think the Leafs should take a chance on a young cheap likely unproven ELC defenceman like PIT did with Marino?</div></div>

I think you're overpaying for most these guys (specifically roy), but yes, I think its entirely possible toronto takes a chance on a "Marino type" player. Its a gamble if it doesn't work out and they're left without a true top 4 D, but due to their cap circumstances its entirely possible they take that chance
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