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Leafs suck
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13 aoû 2020
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Maple Leafs de Toronto
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CMcAvoy73</b></div><div>Listen pal, I just watched ritchie torpedo my favorite team for a while. He’s not an nhl player. He’s big, but he’s not physical. Kase is a solid player if healthy, but he’s a RW. Like you said, Kampf is a center. He’s also not very good, and not exactly a shut down guy. Better defensively than offensively, but nothing special. Bunting has a very small sample size of being alright. Pardon me if I’m not giddy over after 26 year old that has 29 games under his belt, after not getting much of a shot with one of the worst organizations in the league.

Ya. It’s miles worse, and it wasn’t enough in the first place</div></div>

Ritchie averages like 150+ hits a season what are u talking about lol. Not an nhl player? Please. Gimme a break. He’s been great for the leafs despite not scoring yet. I can tell you haven’t watched any leafs games with the way you’re talking about the new guys who weren’t bruins. I can’t blame u tho, ur clearly a bruins fan, but bunting has done everything Hyman has. Sure he’s inexperienced, but in his short time, he’s been excellent and better than many expected, except me. Kampf has been excellent and done all the quiet defensive work a shutdown centreman does, in all situations. Face off wins, takeaways, quick breakouts, keeping pucks in at the blue line, everything.
I really don’t see how u can look at the leafs at the start of the season last year and call them worse now.
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