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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>Of course Buffalo accepts this it is basically the entire future of the Habs plus 3 top picks which by the way IF the Habs made this trade would be really high picks. No GM in his right mind gives up a light #2 C + a top 4 Dman + a potential elite #1 C + 2 A - to B+ prospects + 1st (top 10 given the package going to Buffalo) + 2 high 2nds for Eichel!!! McDavid or McKinnon yes Eichle not a chance! At best IF Eichle gets moved it will cost 1 very good roster player (top 6 forward or top 4 D man) + 2 (A - B) prospects + 1st + 2nd. That is it! Not basically 5 young roster players 3 of which will likely be stars + a potential future selky winner ( Poehling) + a top 10 pick + 2 very high second round picks! Hell even Gretzky, Jagr and Lindros didn't get that return! But Eichel will huh cause somehow he is better than all of them!</div></div>

I think they accept the offer, but I do not think it is the <em>entire</em> future of the Canadiens. They will STILL have Caufield, Romanov, Suzuki, Harris, Struble, Primeau, Norlander, Brooks, and a host of other picks and prospects. They're strongest prospects: Caufield, Romanov, and Suzuki are not in this deal. The 1st is a painful give, and Domi is talented. I think Kotkaniemi is going to be at minimum a second line center. However, I think that trade is a good trade for both teams. I could see it turning out to be an O'Reilly deal, where the Sabres obviously loose the deal.
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