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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ricochetii</b></div><div>I still believe it's mostly a case of playing the wrong way for the personnel they have. As a result, the team has no identity. They can't play a shutdown game. They can't play a transition game. They can't play a possession game.
What they are doing, is trying to pull elements from different areas and mash them together. Some of the things they are doing, simply don't work in combination.
For one example, you can't have forwards playing high in the defensive zone to cheat on transition, while you have your defense being jammed up behind the net, often by their own initiation.
If they aren't getting to pucks quickly and moving them before getting tied up (or able to maneuver the puck after being pressured), the forwards are stuck waiting for pucks that never come. The defense has to be quick enough to make the first play, or strong enough that they can work the puck into control.
Our defense is instructed to trade themselves off with a forward, preventing them from making clean plays or protecting the net.
Our forwards are instructed to wait for the puck to come up the boards instead of closing the gap or helping to recover possession.

That's just one way in which our strategy is contributing to poor results. There are other examples in many areas of our play. None of these flaws are being recognized or addressed. This is primarily a coaching issue. Personnel better suited to some of these tactics would help, but it's still not a strategy for success.</div></div>

I completely agree. When Julian was let go, I honestly thought the best candidate was Joel Bouchard, and was surprised that they selected Ducharme instead. It just seems as though they are playing uncomfortable hockey: there is so much nervous energy in the defensive zone, and when things break down they resort to the stretch pass as their only method of providing offense. I have also never been a fan of their power play structure.

Maybe they have the wrong players, too. But to me, this starts with coaching and management. That's just my opinion.
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Sujet: Eichel
I feel awful for Sabres fans, because their team is in such a tough position with this. No team is going to trade for him without knowing that he's healthy enough to both play again and play at the level that warrents his cap hit. That's just the reality. Just my opinion, but I am surprised that they haven't let him get the surgery he wants, and if I am Eichel I hold out until I get that surgery: it's his body, and while the CBA lets teams have control over a player's medical procedures, the spirit of that is, in reality, not for major injuries that can affect the future health and life of a player (like, for instance, a spinal injury). This is a big deal: if it weren't, he would have been traded by now. This has been ugly, and will continue to be ugly. What's the over/under on the which party caves when it comes to the surgery he gets? I'm probably not taking Eichel, it it certainly seems as though Adams has dug his heels in. Eichel will, at minimum, have to miss the Olympics, and if he doesn't have a surgery soon there is a potential that he misses the entire season. He may never play at the same level (the $10 million dollar per season level) or even play at all. This is his life.

This is all to say that no Sabres fan asked for this. Their is a good chance they're not going to win this trade. The Sabres are also looking to be historically bad this season, and while they have some good prospects, the winning seasons probably will not happen for at least another 3 years (? too liberal, though? Maybe 4-5?). And now the odds are they won't win an Eichel trade. I feel for those fans.