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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>-I'd take Lyub as a one-year holdover if a guy like Grant Hutton isn't ready for RD3 minutes. I'd also skip the retention if it means you can lower the cost to a 4th - I'd rather have Lyub for a year while we wait to see what might develop in the AHL for RD3, as opposed to extending a 2-years-older Mayfield for an AAV that would be higher than Lyub's $2.75M.

-If Tampa's done with Foote, I think they take this. I feel like they might hang on to him, so you might need to push up to a 4th or something along those lines to get him.

-Don't know if Edmonton gives up a 1st in these deal, but I like the thought behind it. Maybe kill the extra pick coming back from Buffalo, use the retention slot you were going to use on Lyubushkin here instead, and have Edmonton send back a 2023 2nd? Like the bones but think it needs some tweaking.

-I could see the Rangers doing this if they *need* to clear cap - Asplund is a defense-first forward with a little of offensive pop, basically a budget version of what Goodrow typically brings. But again - only if the Rangers need to clear up space.

-Would be intrigued to see how the Preds look at this deal. Part of me thinks the value is good, and they jump on it - but another part of me looks at that roster and how many players are 30+ and locked into long term deals, and I think they give it at least another year before cashing in the old guys for futures. It's gonna be really hard to go full tear-down in Nashville til after the '24-25 season, I think - so they probably ride it out through then.

-I feel like this might be a lot to give up for a second pair RD like Murphy - it's hard to judge him because almost everyone's getting caved in on that bad Blackhawks team. Part of me thinks it might be a better move to skip that McDonagh offer, throw the 2nd you were gonna use there into this package, and push for Jake McCabe back - he's the only guy on that Chicago blue line putting up solid defensive numbers, and he's probably bummed he didn't get to play for Granato like every one of his old teammates got to. Throw him in the LD3 slot you have McDonagh in, push Joker up to RD2, and either let Foote sink or swim at RD3 or sign a vet to a 1 year deal - and there's your D corps!</div></div>

I appreciate the in-depth breakdown and thoughtful response!

- I've a handful of posts with Lightening fans basically giving Foote away. I think with his skillset and size, he would be a really good option for Buffalo to buy low. Granato has a way with guys that struggle and makes them good, so that is my hope here. I would be comfortable giving up as much as a 4th for sure.

- I could see what you proposed with Edmonton working too. Like I just said with Foote and Granato getting the most out of young guys, Puljujarvi falls into that category and he has a lot of the things Buffalo is missing. I am not fully sure on the value of Olofsson because sometimes he is a really good scoring threat and other times he disappears, but he has become much more of a complete player over the past two years. If he got on McDavid's wing ... he would be unleashed.

- McDonagh is just everything Buffalo needs on the defense. I certainly see what you're saying in terms of Nashville giving it another run. I would really just love that guy on defense who has played in every situation, is still good, can mentor, is defensive minded, and can still contribute. He would be a perfect fit. I also am a big Luke Schenn fan for Power. Stay at home guy who hits and can let Power unleash more of his offensive side.

- I really like where your head is at with this. Murphy is someone that would be a really good partner for Power. I have no idea what his value is because he is a solid player but some Hawks fans on here think he is worth a 1st and a mid-level prospect. McCabe was always really underrated while he was here and I think he would be another great fit. I actually did an ACGM the other day where I had Murphy and McCabe coming to Buffalo to fill the 2RD and 3LD roles. I would not be opposed to getting McCabe, but Hawks fans again think he is worth a 1st and a decent amount more. I really think the Sabres are missing a veteran defensemen, whether it be in the 2nd or 3rd pairing. They certainly need help on the back end in any way.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Isles5513</b></div><div>Schenn is expiring, but I see your point. Goodrow is severely overpaid for what he does and nobody needs him. Crouse is solid, but you dont need to trade for him because of all the guys you have in the wings. I get that he’s 6-4, but your team has Tuch and Thompson….</div></div>

I definitely get what you're saying. Our third line (Mittelstadt-Jost-Olofsson) just is so blah and Mittelstadt needs to get moved, so it is just trying to get some value while also helping the team for the rest of the year as they push towards the playoffs. Goodrow is definitely overpaid, but Buffalo can afford him while acquiring another asset to take him on. He is essentially a more skilled Zemgus Girgenson and can fill a bottom-six role if Gigrensons/Okposo doesn't resign.

Crouse fits what they are building and is something they don't have in a big hitter but can also score. Thompson and Tuch are big dudes, but they aren't overly physical (at least in a hit first sense). The team has high-end skills guys at forward (Quinn, Peterka, Skinner) and in the pipeline (Savoie, Kulich, Ostlund, Rosen), but no one that plays the power forward role where they hit everything that moves. That is my main rational for bringing Crouse and Goodrow in.

Mittelstadt and Olofsson are what they are at this point and are redundant, so trying to get what you can for them and adding what you need I think could work (obviously maybe not these deals and I doubt they'll trade Mittelstadt at all)