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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BigDaddyOvech</b></div><div>This might be bad take but I'm going to argue that the Leafs shouldn't make any trades at the deadline this year. Trading for a rental every year eventually depletes draft pick and prospect pool. With so many first round exits in the playoffs, the rental players aren't the missing piece in my opinion. I think Dubas needs to address the team and basically lay it out and say, this is the team. Now show up.
While I know the team is in win now mode, Dubas is also tasked with figuring out how to adjust the teams long term plans with the variable of a flat cap for 2 years. When he signed the big 4 contracts, it was with the mindset that those cap hits wouldn't look so bad around this year and forward.</div></div>

not a bad take by any means, but i'd respectfully disagree. while you are correct, rentals do deplete the farm system, i think that dubas &amp; co have seen they need to address a pretty major problem: finishing talent.
so yes, i agree that the leafs shouldn't go after someone simply because he's available: and for that reason, klingberg makes no sense. they should, as you've said, let the team just go, as they've built it: their defense (i still think holl needs to go, or maybe be a 7d) is actually decently strong. klingberg, while a fantastic player, is not needed.

however their finishing ability is staggeringly awful. a player like forsberg or kubalik could help this. even strome &amp; a nylander are better finishers than a lot of the leafs. i don't think the leafs should chase too far: if the bidding war gets too high (pavelski, even forsberg maybe) they should bow out. but they need to address this problem.

they also need to address depth and secondary scoring. so far, only kase is dependable (and even then, barely) to contribute. alex nylander &amp; tyler motte would be great depth options, as would someone like fabbri or even kubalik (he would come in to push down either bunting or kerfoot and give depth scoring there).

in conclusion, i don't think the leafs should push too far, and they shouldn't simply go for the big fish because it's right there. but if the opportunity is there, and the fit works, and the price is decent so that it doesn't destroy the prospect or draft pool, then they should do it.