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Forum: Armchair-GM14 déc. 2021 à 12 h 38
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>The 2022 1st is a meaningful piece, all I'm asking is if there are auxiliary pieces Edmonton has, preferably in the form of futures, that could pull this deal off. I'm also curious as to why Lavoie is a non-starter if you could elaborate on that.</div></div>

These late 1st rounders are nothing more than a bag of magic beans with at best a 33% chance of becoming a NHL player; let alone a real impact NHL player. Oilers should readily give up a late first for a big upgrade in net for the playoffs. They aren't going to go far with Koskinen in net and despite early season performance suggesting otherwise, I think it's pretty clear now Koskinen is not a cup winning goalie.

As for the Hawks, they should be rebuilding right now and the plan by the former GM Bowman to not only start 2 years too late to rebuild but then to abandon the plan was foolish. Therefore, the Hawks have no use for Flowers and should sell to the highest bidder and there will be teams that would like him either as their #1 or about the best insurance policy you can get at the TDL for a run at the cup as a 1B (think Toronto in that case). I personally don't see the value in a late first and think those picks are highly overrated by fans not familiar with the fact that statistically late 1st rounders have less then a 33% chance to develop into a bonafide NHL player. I think the Hawks, depending on the market, should be asking for a top prospect while willingly giving up Kubalik or Strome as part of that package, Kubs obviously having more value but both being players that can light it up in the right situation.
Forum: Armchair-GM17 nov. 2021 à 23 h 1
I agree and disagree at the same time.

I think it depends on how the rest of the season goes. I think there is potential to tank, sell off Murphy, Kubalik, and whoever else you can for some picks and prospects. Let Debrincat Dach and jones lead the way to the new age. Until Commesso comes into his own and we have a stellar young goalie again, we really arent going anywhere and we can tank for a few years to build up some nice core pieces. But, I will also play devils advocate here. There really is potential to transition this group into a winner. It will take some luck, for sure. Lets say we win the lottery this year and get Wright or Savoie. Theres instantly a piece that can step into the lineup in the next year or two and make an impact on a low cost contract. There are also some impact defensemen to add in this years FA (think Hampus Lindholm) to bolster our dcorps assuming De haan leaves. Lets say everything goes right and lankinen has a good year and fleury likes his time in chicago and doesnt want to leave. So then, you have a potential frame of
C Jones-Kalynuk

That really doesnt look that bad, does it? At full strenght, assuming the youngsters keep improving, this really does look like a decent roster. Now, you cant rely on pure luck, so thats where selling for multiple picks and prospects comes in, but a GM coming in has a tough decision to make. Do you want to be known for trading away Kane and Toews? Personally, I think we can do a reset without trading Toews/Kane, assuming they even would waive. Kubalik and Murphy can definitely fetch some decent returns, our goaltending has been bad enough this year to hold us down without a couple key members, and you worry about more decisions after you figure out whether you have a draft pick in 2022 or not. I think a LOT of weight is held on whether we get a top 2 pick or not
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