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I like hockey based on speed and skills, and as a former D, I appreciate the defensive aspect of the game, something often completely ignored by sports channels and commentators.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DragonRaptorHybrid</b></div><div>what part of "past ownership issues also do not auto-translate to the current ownership situation" did you not get? just because the team hasn't historically done well doesn't mean they can't change with new ownership that's committed to making the team successful. how is that not a concept that crossed your brain? *le gasp*

and, <em>again</em>, attendance is not a single factor that you can point to in "is a team doing well." it, itself, is a product of several different variables. the Bill Wirtz-era Blackhawks had <em>terrible</em> attendance issues, and we didn't call for their heads and re-location (because they're an Original Six market and no traditionalist would ever call for that). their attendance was bad for <em>a number</em> of reasons. we didn't just look at the bad attendance numbers and go, "oh, well, nobody cares about hockey in Chicago." because it's a dumb chain of logic.

see what i mean about "it looks like you're basically just glossing over every single point i make"? do i necessarily believe that you inherently can't construct a good argument? no. but, from what you've demonstrated so far, it sure looks that way. your entire argument is basically pointing to "nobody in the Sun Belt likes hockey, so why should any team be located there?" but, if there have historically never been hockey teams there, of course there wouldn't be a basis for anybody liking hockey. people don't start liking a sport out of thin air. you don't just snap your fingers, and, suddenly, people like hockey.</div></div>

Dawg, we should hire you as a motivational speaker for those who believe the Nordiques will return.

Language is an obstacle, sure. But an important variable here is that the team was struggling financially in a league *without salary cap*. Introduce the cap earlier in 1994, and I don't believe the team would ever have left. Things are quite different now. And like you said, "past ownership issues do not auto-translate to [future] ownership situation".

That being said, I'm aware Quebec City is far down the league's priority list. And I don't really support the team's return, for other reasons. But in the future, it may happen.