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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>without him Marner doesnt lead the team 2/3 years IMO
you're team wasnt good enough possession wise so you got a top 5 possession Center in the league that previous 5 years .

Mathews , Nylander nor Marner would have been their 3 strongest Center and they all have issues with Volume
its like MTL pushing 2/4 Centers as first year playing that position , if we didnt have Danault as bad as last year was we woulda had no time with the puck constantly defending

i mean of all the players you got Tavares is most underated in TML IMO at 70 goas and 139 points in 135 games says you'd not be in the position you are as he's 2nd only to Mathews in Goals Scored since joining the team.Besides he's the poster boy for UFA All Star's thinking about signing with TML and should be treated well as i can tell you MTL treats most of their UFA's like Schmuck's and now we cant overpay good talent to come here or even get an interview with anyone in a top 6 or top 4 position that has options. (Radulov and Kovalchuk only came here because no other team would take him )

Mathews could get TML 1-2 NHL players under 25 and a 1st plus a few lesser pieces or a top prospect and a whack of pick.
if you offered ARZ today this option i think they'd offer up Keller , Dvorak,Stepan , 1st ,1st and 2nd then TML could retain on Stepan and get another pick or prospect out of him at the TDL to a fringe contender loaded with offense in need of a possession player like EDM or FLA

TML walks away better even though ARZ picks would be later ones the quality in players they got in Dvorak who has chemistry and a championship as Marners Center and Keller would surely make an impact in TML top line.Stepan to the right team in a summer deal could get you a more favorable return to a team like NJD,CGY or ANA offering them a veteran to mentor their young Centers or you could always swap for a Center out of favor like a Bonino or Turris adding more depth if so desired.

or do a 3 way trade and collect youth assets and picks from 2 teams like COL did
or trade him to this year 1st OA pick holder and get Lefreniere

either way Mathews will get you what you need in a trade to win .
its easy to shut down 1 Mathews as Danault's shown time and again
but shutting down Keller ,and Dvorak ontop of Marner ,Tavares and Nylander is a tall order for any team</div></div>

Wish I knew how to just tag someone instead of quoting the whole message lol. I definitely see your point I just worry about putting Toronto's hopes in a guy that's already 29 but he is definitely one of the best in the league and hopefully Mathews will learn a thing or two from him. Leafs fans have endured a lot of crap for a long time and this team needs to be good for a long time. Tavares can't be traded for many more reasons than just his contact. Most of those reasons are good ones for the team. I just have a hard time seeing tavares being worth 11 million when he's 35 years old so if I was a leafs fan I'd regret that signing. At the very least I wish it was a 5 or 6 year contract
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>i said it a few year back and i'll say it again
Just like Wendell Clark you guys swear he's the solution when in reality its just more of the same .

Trade Mathews and you'll become a contender immediately
he's gone when his contracts up 99/100 times and likely returning to ARZ

if TML had a clue they'd make Marner their youth leader and Tavares continuing as the veteran leader.
Move Mathews for a bundle that gets you Dvorak who tore it up putting Marner on the map in Junior as his Center.
Dvorak , Keller , 1st and some other pieces wouldnt be unreasonable given what the few 1st OA players traded got in return .

or you can keep shoveling crap and starting out strong to just miss the playoffs .
i always like Doughty 2016 response to if he's worried about facing the Leafs offense in the playoffs potentially .
'' its only Janurary , give them time they'll eliminate themselves from the playoffs ''

its so true as you always do and its 100% always your guys fault for putting more importance on Jersey sales then putting a winning team together</div></div>

I agree to an extent. But I think the biggest mistake was signing tavares as someone else here said. That's a jersey sales decision if I've ever seen one. His contract will be ridiculous soon as he's 29 already. It would be hard to replace his leadership but his point totals will probably go down steadily especially if he doesn't have a winger like nylander to play with.

That's my opinion anyway