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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DoctorBreakfast</b></div><div>I don't think Jamie Drysdale will be as sure of a thing as a lot of people are making him out to be. He's pretty much the only defenseman in the draft with an elite-level ceiling, which is going to cause him to be drafted higher than where I think he should. I see him as a 7-12 range player, but there's a good chance he could go top 5, simply because there aren't any other defensemen worth taking in the top 15. Plus the fact that he's right-handed works in his favor. He'll be a good player for sure, but I don't see him as a franchise, #1 defenseman like a Hughes or Makar. Probably more of a Torey Krug type player.

Anton Lundell is another interesting player to watch. From what I've read on him, he's a strong two-way, high-floor player that can probably make an NHL roster as early as next season or the season after. His numbers in Liiga look very impressive for a draft-year prospect, but keep in mind that he's also one of the older players in the draft class. A lot of this sounds similar to what was said about Lias Andersson in his draft year: center, impressive draft year numbers in a men's pro league, high floor, two-way player, one of the older ones in his class. Andersson was taken 7th overall, higher than most expected, and we all saw how that saga has turned out thus far. Lundell is another player that could go higher than expected, simply due to his toolkit and position. Should be interesting to watch him.</div></div>

Drysdale is a really interesting case for me. The offensive talent is evident, and he's got a lot of nice traits defensively. He defends 1-on-1 very well, blocks a lot of shots, has a great active stick, plays a nice physical game for his size and often times has to cover defensively for his D-partner in Erie. He's such a fast skater both forwards and backwards that it allows him to jump up in the rush and still get back defensively to avoid the odd-man rush. But in the defensive zone, he roams a lot. I've been able to watch about 6 of his games in Erie, and there's definitely instances of guys being left alone in front of the net. Better communication with his defense partner or just having more of a willingness to stay in front of the net would fix it, so it's probably an issue that can be coached out of him. I see him being a Morgan Rielly type of player. Not the guy who can do it all on his own, but needs a more defensive minded partner to be at his best.

I love Lundell. Not only is the two-way game there, but he has a helluva wrist shot that not a lot of people talk about. I think Lundell is certainly more worthy of a top 10 selection than Andersson ever was, and I like his upside as a top six center long term. He does so much right that he's a surefire 2C in my book, and could probably be a fringe 1C.
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