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19 nov 2016
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shibbal18</b></div><div>No, everything you said is not a thing and is stupid and im sick of reading it over and over. There is no NHL 21 value bar, Kuznetsov doesnt fill up half of the bar and blah blah + blah blah equals another quarter. Heres why it doesnt make any sense, Kuznetsov doesnt waive his NTC because he has 0 interest in going to Buffalo and if he did go, he would be less engaged there than he was on the top line with Ovechkin, Sabres dont need that. He also wouldnt make up nearly 50% of the value, hes 29, it makes no sense for Buffalo</div></div>

I believe there is one scenario where a trade like this makes any sort of sense and it's contingent on two things; Kuznetsov realizes his time in Washington is done anyways and one way or another isn't "picky" about where he goes, and that the Sabres want to try and ice a somewhat competitive and competent team next season. Granted I don't think that they should (especially since their two best forwards are out the door), but I can see a scenario where Adams has been instructed to form a competent team. Buffalo is probably on Kuznetsov's list, but I think the combination of this trade being a wake up call for him, plus the low pressure environment that Buffalo will be could help him find his footing again. I doubt him and his agent see things that way, but if they see an exit from Washington inevitable, there is some (albeit not a lot) of merit in Buffalo. The hope is obviously to find his footing again in Buffalo and ultimately get dealt after a year or two for more assets.

Buuuuut there's little to no chance that both of those are the case, so the only way this works is if there's a third team involved (Vegas?) to send something directly to Buffalo for Kuznetsov.