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Forum: Armchair-GM25 mai 2022 à 9 h 52
Hexy: Hello, Claude? Ron Hextall here. How are you doing?

Giroux: I'm good, Hexy. I can't believe we got swept by Tampa.

Hexy: Yeah that sucks. Anyway, how would you like to sign with the Pens?

Giroux: I F'ing hate that team!

Hexy: Yeah me too. But they're paying me alot of money so I can't say that. Don't tell anyone.

Giroux: Ha ha Hexy!

Hexy: But seriously Claude, sign with us! We need you! Even Sid wants you here!

Giroux: I don't know Hexy. I really can't play with that crybaby SOB. It was bad enough playing with that F'ing pigeon JVR. Caaaawwww! Caaaawwww! Caaaawwww!

Hexy: But Claude! We're running it back! We're keeping the band together!

Giroux: What do you mean, Hexy? The Beatles? The Eagles? GNR! Which type of band are we talking about?

Hexy: More like Genesis. You can be Phil Collins!

Giroux: F that, Hexy! Malkin is Phil Collins! And Sid is Peter Gabriel! That sledgehammer wielding F!

Hexy: Ok ok, calm down Claude! How about Spice Girls! You can be Sporty Spice!

Giroux: What? Sid is Sporty Spice! And Geno is Posh Spice! I want to be Baby Spice! Don't Tell me what I want Hexy! I'll tell you what I want!

Hexy: Claude! Claude! Claude! Claude! Claude!

Giroux: Don't F'ing go all Mel Kiper on me Hexy! Settle down and give your balls a tug! I'll sign with ya! Jesus F'ing Christ!

Hexy: That's great, Claude! How does 4 years 20 mil sound?

Giroux: Yeah, sounds good. But you tell that crybaby Sid that I'm not doing hot yoga with him on off days!

Hexy:. Yeah yeah yeah, whatever Claude! Welcome to the Penguins!

Giroux: (hangs up) What the F have I done?
Forum: Armchair-GM19 juill. 2021 à 19 h 3
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Roscoe</b></div><div>As a Flyers Fan, even I know what a terrible trade that is for Buffalo

If you traded with Seattle for Voracek why didn't you use Seattle? And if you think St. Louis is taking Voracek I have land on the moon I can sell you

Flyers didn't protect NAK to just flip him for nothing

We got hosed in the Frost deal

Savard will start at 5million

Its not all bad, I think you are correct that Seattle drafts Haag:)</div></div>
Reinhart and Konecny put up similar numbers. Reinhart wants out, they would have Konecny for several years at a reasonable cap hit. Eakin was bad last year and only has one year left on his deal. Buffalo isn't exactly a hot spot for free agents so getting JVR for two years makes them better. The Flyers could add a prospect or pick if need be.

Tarasenko is on he Blues roster, hence why the trade appears to be with them. I Stated in the comments he will get taken by Seattle and flipped for Jake and a pick.

If you are dumb enough to think they protected NAK because of how much the like him that's on you. They protected him so Seattle wouldn't be tempted take a cheap option like him, and instead hopefully force their hand to take on a bigger salary like Jake, JVR, or Ghost.

Bertuzzi is a proven 25 goal / 45-50 point winger who is a pain in the ass to play against. Frost has done nothing. They'd be lucky to get a player like Bertuzzi or Garland for him and a first.

Savard isn't getting 5 million in a flat cap, and he certainly isn't ''starting at 5 million.''

Anything else dumb you want to say.....
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