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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jwg314</b></div><div>Help out the wild? This is an elite winger and a top-4 RD, both massive needs for OTT. Dorion thought they were done rebuilding a year ago. What are you saying?</div></div>

Nevermind Dorion, he's not qualified for the position.

I would do that deal. I know Dumba is UFA at the end of the season but the team needs to take a big step forward. If they're not close to a playoffs spot, then trade him at the deadline. If they're close, try to re-sign him short term (could afford high AAV if short term) then deal with the situation later.

<strong>Fiala - Stutzle - Batherson
Tkachuk - Norris - Joseph
Formenton - Pinto - Brown
Kelly - Kastelic - Watson</strong>

That 1st line is filthy, all 3 could be PPG
That 2nd line would be very hard to deal with since the first line would already draw a lot of attention. If Joseph doesn't produce enough, then you have Connor Brown ready to move up in his spot (been pacing 50+ pts in each of the last 3 seasons)
That 3rd line could be an elite 3rd line right away. That speed and defensive awareness would be awesome. Can score goals too
I don't expect anybody to know these guys but would be a hard line to play against. Then there's a guy named Angus Crookshank who would have made the team if not injured

Buy out Colin White. He's a good 3rd line player but he makes too much and there's a massive logjam incoming. Ridly Greig might be hard to keep off the team. Worst case scenario Greig takes Fiala's spot who would then be with Tkachuk and Norris, Sens would have basically 2 first lines.

<strong>Chabot - Zub
Sanderson - Dumba
Holden - Hamonic
Del Zotto - Thomson/JBD</strong>

Chabot would finally have a good enough partner for him (best he ever had was Dylan DeMelo, BY FAR). Sanderson will have the chance to play with a proven veteran, he will be able to focus on his defensive game. Perfect for him. And then good depth behind them


Hopefully Murray has a long stretch of being healthy but good depth at that position too. Forsberg and Murray were one of the best duos in the NHL this past season.
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