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Tired of Studying
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19 oct 2017
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11 fév 1998
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Just thinking out loud here the aftermath of the yesterday's Dubois-Laine swap...think it was the first time the 2nd and 3rd overall picks of the same year got traded to each other. Just thinking, how different would certain teams out of last 10 years in the past have looked like if the teams had traded these said picks together...and would it have ever been a fair trade. or would it have been a total rip off from the get-go. The trades naturally would have had to happened 5 years after the draft, but naturally in some cases that would have been impossible as some of the players had already been traded by that point...but just think how weird would it have been to see, for instance, Drew Doughty in Winnipeg during his prime.

The hypothetical 2nd and 3rd overall pick trades between 2006-2016 (not including the latter ones since they're too young to this example
2005 - ANA trades Bobby Ryan to CAR in exchange to Jack Johnson - could've probably worked actually
2006 - PIT trades Jordan Staal to CHI in exchange to Jonathan Toews - well PIT obviously wins here lol
2007 - PHI trades James Van Riemsdyk to PHX in exchange to Kyle Turris - this would've actually been possible and a relatively fair trade back then
2008 - LA trades Drew Doughty to ATL in exchange to Zach Bogosian - LMAO
2009 - TB trades Victor Hedman to COL in exchange to Matt Duchene - Oof that would've been a major hit for TB
2010 - BOS trades Tyler Seguin to FLA in exchange to Erik Gudbranson - Jesus christ this was a bad idea...
2011 - COL trades Gabriel Landeskog to FLA in exchange to Jonathan Huberdeau - why COL always wins these lol
2012 - CBJ trades Ryan Murray to MTL in exchange to Alex Galchenyuk - another move that could've been possible and a relatively fair trade.
2013 - FLA trades Aleksander Barkov to TB in exchange to Jonathan Drouin - major hit for FLA as well
2014 - BUF trades Sam Reinhart to EDM in exchange to Leon Draisaitl - oh dear god...
2015 - BUF trades Jack Eichel to ARI in exchange to Dylan Strome - getting even worse...

This is naturally just useless speculating, but it would have been fun to see something like this happen.
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