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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 11 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JustanIdea</b></div><div>It'll be tough to get a read on Dumba cause Faber likely takes his spot in the future when they sign him to his ELC but I wouldn't be suprised if Guerin held him as an own rental cause even though Dumba is valuable he is probably more valuable to the team making a push next year and keeping Karprizov happy then trading off a solid RHD that can shutdown. I also think that Guerin might jump through more hoops to keep Dumba.</div></div>

Lots of comments on Dumba. You nailed what he is, he’s a 2 way transition guy. He works well with Brodin because Brodin shuts down the play and Dumba turns the puck the other way. There’s no doubt his pec injury a few years ago really impacted his offensive upside and it’s extremely odd he’s not being used on the flank on the PP. But he’s still a top end #3 defenseman that will tilt the ice and can put up 40-50 points with PP time. I’m with you that Guerin shouldn’t want to move him but I really don’t know what they think of Addison anymore given there was an extended hole in the top 4 this year and Addison didn’t fill it (I refuse to accept size as why this didn’t happen).

I also think it’s true that the value hasn’t been there or Dumba would have been moved. I think OTT would be a good spot for him since they have the need, assets, and ability to slightly over pay in the short term (they probably need to overpay on an extension for him to waive his NMC). People will be surprised by his next deal, I think the AAV will start with a 4. If the Wild think Addison is ready to play or want to rip the bandaid off, I’d watch out for a deal around a 2nd, Gustavsson, and another piece at the draft.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>I don't think it does.

I've said this before, but I've slowly come to think that Guerin and company view Addison as Spurgeon's eventual replacement and not Dumba's. Especially given the fact the coaching staff has been fairly adamant that he change how he plays to be more like Spurgeon than Dumba.

Having two potential top 4 RHD defenseman prospects lends credence to that theory. One for each of them.

Furthermore, one is a offensive puck-moving defenseman, while the other is a Brodin like shutdown defensive defenseman. It actually makes sense to have and keep both going forward.</div></div>

No qualms with this, and I think you’re spot on. The problem discussing it is that Dumba is the next domino to go and the discussion hinges on Addison, which I don’t have a problem with if the goal is to build for the day when Addison is playing the Spurg role. But that’s in stark comparison to the competitiveness rhetoric we’ve heard.

The way I see it is Dumba’s next contract starts with a 4, which is very enticing if you want to be competitive since he still provides huge impact when he’s on the ice. I think we’d be having a different conversation if his advocacy off the ice because it has very likely hurt his trade value as and he should get a decent prospect or pick coming back for him, which is why you need to hold him unless you get that.

But I think what gets me the most is that he’s taken so much trash from a good chunk of the fan base for all of the wrong reasons. I think he’s a good defenseman. I think he was utilized poorly on the PP the last few years. I think his injuries have taken a toll. I also think that Addison and Faber will be great NHL players, but they aren’t yet. And man are we taking a lot of liberties when talking about being able to replace Dumba and not Fiala.

Rant done.