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26 aoû 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>Glass has 22 AHL Playoff games. I'm not sure how you get 40 points for him last year. He had 12p in 39 games is a 3rd line sheltered role, half his points were from the PP.
That same 2017 draft class centers:
-Andersson (7oa) dumped for a 2nd pick.
-Mitts (8oa) rushed into the NHL, might be a bust at this point.
-Rasmussen (9oa) played a NHL season playing bottom-6 wing, to get him out of the CHL, then spent the next year in the AHL
-Vilardi (10oa) played half a season in the AHL then got a NHL cup of coffee to end the year in his 20ya season.
-Necas (11oa) Czech league, a year in the AHL, his 1st NHL was as a 21 yo, as a wing.

There just aren't many players that make a successful jump from the CHL/college to the NHL as a 19/20 yo top-6 center right out of the gate. Most play quality players get at least half a season in the AHL, then get their feet wet in the NHL in a sheltered role (O-zone 3/4C or playing as a wing). The NHL game is so much faster, more complex, the skill level of every player on the ice is so much higher, and players are bigger and stronger.

This is why I really don't like the NHL/CHL transfer clause for top players. Someone like Rossi (Dumba before him) has shown he's too good for the CHL, but might not be ready for meaningful NHL minutes. A year in the AHL top-6 would be the best thing for his development. Then he should be ready to take the step NHL roster as a 20 yo.</div></div>

That’s exactly my point, he will step into the league when he’s 20 but that doesn’t mean he’s going to produce at a top 6 rate at that point and that’s OK. I also agree that drafted 19 year olds should be allowed to play in the AHL if they were a CHL product but cest la vie.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>He's an upgrade to Rask for just a little more money, a RHS, soon to be 24 yo, and can play with talented wings. If you have to stick him on a line with a solid 2-way wing+Kaprizov/Fiala.

Right now MN has JEE as a center going into next year.
-Rask is Rask. He could be a buyout this offseason.
-Strum has looked good in a small sample as a 4th line wing. He could also be SEA fodder.
-No clue how good/bad Rossi will be.
-Khovanov isn't anything close to a guarantee next year if at all.
-Off the top of my head; Danualt, Staal, Stepan, and Gezlaf are the notable possible UFAs centers for the offseason. No clue if any of them would even sign in MN and the pay they'll want.

I'd make a gamble on White before I would RyJo (and his huge contract). Heck Dvorak doesn't even have 1 40p season and I'm looking at him too.

Trading a prime piece (Boldy, Rossi, 1st's) for a rental, or a rental+1 is a mistake right now for me. MN will be able to run 3 quality lines about evenly so the 1C-2C-3C doesn't mean much to me. The might have different roles, but they'll get close to the same ToI 5v5 and have quality scoring output on all the lines. They just need the centers to be able to do that. JEE is one, now find 2 more somewhere. I think White could be one of those other 2.</div></div>

If this were a matter of trading Rask + for White on similar terms then yes it makes sense, but you add in the extra 2 years of that cap hit for a guy that can’t drive a line and our cap situation looks worse than it does now.

And I get you don’t put stock into prospects but it’s an absolute fools errand to say we don’t know if Rossi will be good or bad. We have to work under the assumption that he can play top 6 next year, if he isn’t then getting 1 top 6 center doesn’t really move the needle. As for Khovanov, he’ll probably get a look at the end of 21-22 or in 22-23. Timelines are more important than calling hits or misses before they’re calle cup. Prospects matter because it’s how you build perennially even if they aren’t set in stone. Sure things cost more than we can spend, uncertainty and educated risk taking are how you build a roster.