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2 jan 2017
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20 jun 1997
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Barilko14</b></div><div>Kind of proved my point for me. Our 8th and 9th ranked prospects, according to fans (certainly not experts, as I've read plenty of articles that has them both outside the top 10) are not beating other teams attempts.

Abruzzese is out for the year with an injury, he elected to have surgery on a nagging issue when COVID affected the start of the season. This also would certainly not help his trade value.

If you want an impact player, you'll have to include at least one impact prospect.</div></div>

I misspoke, the article was a combination of hundreds of fan votes, mixed with the reviews of the 10 "analysts" at Leafs Nation.

The fan list and the analyst list varied at 8/9 (Abruzzese and Kokkonen) and they were just flipped with Kokkonen being valued higher by analysts as opposed to fan favourite Abruzzese.

I suggested Abramov (6th on the list) and you didn't even name a prospect.

Like are you thinking someone like Robertson should be going back? Liljegren? Sandin? Amirov?

Or are you thinking someone like Joey Anderson or Hallander?

Like Ekholm is a great defenceman. He's having an off year, which lowers his value slightly, but he would be a tremendous asset.

Would you rather move Dermott in the deal over Kokkonen?

You aren't giving feedback or making suggestions, you're just being negative without backing anything up.

Are you just being negative because you think it's stupid that the Leafs want another defenceman? Should we be more focused on forwards?
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