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2 jan 2017
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20 jun 1997
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Islesforthecup</b></div><div>The fact that you put paul in the same sentence as hyman and coleman is astounding. He isnt in the same league as those 2. Hes a solid bottom 6 player, but like i said VAN doesnt NEED to move them this year.
In terms of competing if the only goal was to make the playoffs ypu wouldnt have any teams rebuilding bc you can always be in the hunt for the playoffs. When you rebuild (or retool) youre trying to come out of it with a legitimate chance to beat real playoff teams and compete for a title. And trading 9 OA to make sure you make the playoffs only to get bounced by vegas or colorado or dallas or minnesota or a team from the absolutely stacked east isnt smart asset management.</div></div>

So the Canucks have a wealth of prospects like Podkolzin/Hoglander/Lind/Rafferty/Rathbone that can all fill the spot of Eriksson/Beagle/Roussel etc. If they move Eriksson/Beagle, that opens up a roster spot for these young guys. They have quite the wealth of young guys, so losing on 9th OA which could be Lysell isn't the end of the world considering he is a winger and a few years out of actually adding worth to the team especially with the depth of Boeser/Podkolzin/Hoglander. There simply isn't room for him in the next few years. Moving 9M in cap, opens up the potential for adding a win now veteran piece to compliment the younger players. Through the injection of youth, and being in a weaker Pacific Division, I feel like they have a very strong chance at making playoffs.
I want to say it's something to think about considering the wealth of prospects Vancouver has and being in a division that you can easily compete in. Also Benning is great on draft Day, so he could easily snag an under the radar player the other picks
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