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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jack_</b></div><div>lol what are you even looking at? At 5v5 Hyman isnt good defensively at all. hes really good on the pk but the leafs have a bunch of penalty killers right now. Matthews is one of the leafs best defensive forwards. Kapanen was also pretty bad this year offensively and defensively. the oilers wont give up a 23 year old top pair defenseman for kapanen</div></div>

Hockey Reference
Hyman 5v5 Possession Metrics: CF% 52.3%, oiSv% 0.885, oZS% 52.5%
Matthews 5v5 Possession Metrics: CF% 54.2%, oiSv% 0.890, oZS% 59.5%
Marner 5v5 Possession Metrics: CF% 53%, oiSv% 0.875, oZS% 53%
Kappy 5v5 Possession Metrics: CF% 52%, oiSV% 0.890, oZS% 50%

Daily Faceoff has Bear on the 2nd pair (could be inaccurate). averaged 22 mins/night (3rd defenceman minutes on Oilers, so I could see the argument of 1st pair next season) 5G/16A isn't a bad stat line either, Decent Corsi relative to team, Gave up the puck twice as often as he took it away.

Kappy - 3rd line guy (only because of Marner and Nylander) 13G/23A (5 points were man advantage), average corsi on the Leafs, Took away puck more often than coughed it up.

Kappy on McDavid's wing would arguably be the fastest line in the league (especially if they resign Ennis)

I think Kappy for Bear is pretty close (kinda like the Jones-Johansen trade on a much smaller scale). Edmonton has Bouchard to step into the lineup. And Kappy easily slots into the Top 6. Makes a lot of sense to me.

But the Hyman slander hurts. He's the heart and soul of the Leafs. The day he gets traded/sent to FA will be a hard day for me.
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