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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BUFF36</b></div><div>Is it bull****, or are they really considering moving him. There are whispers out there.</div></div>

The Jets are at a crossroads here. One path is to blow it up and trade these guys away while they have max value so that the rebuild is short or we tinker a bit but run it back with a new coach.

IMO a lot depends on what PLD decides to do and what the actual offers on these guys are.

Current indications are that PLD wants to sign but based on his end of season availability, I wonder if he only wants to go 5 years so he can be a UFA at 28. He made sure to talk about the different definitions of long term if it's 5 years, 6 years, 8 years, different people view long term differently.

If we're blown away by the offers though, might make sense to hit the reset if the worst case scenario played out:

i.e. PLD says he doesn't want to be here and wants to go to Montreal. Scheif formally requests a trade. Moving those 2 means that Helle wants out as well. Blake Wheeler than decides he'd also want to move on if possible.

If the Habs gave is 1OA for PLD and then the Devils gave us 2OA for Helle +, then we trade 55 to the Sabres for 9OA + Krebs/Quinn suddenly rebuilding with KFC and Ehlers as the elder statesman with Perfetti, Wright, Lucius, Krebs/Quinn, our russian wingers, etc. could be palatable.

Most likely PLD signs medium-long term (I just feel like it will be a 5 year deal), we continue trying to contend and extend Helle next offseason until he's 35 years old. I also think we likely keep 55 and see what a new coach can do with him.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Blazingbat11</b></div><div>Hmmm, so then what's the asking price for Scheifele? I'm assuming he would have to be moved to free up cap space as well?</div></div>

No, Scheif doesn't need to be moved either for cap purposes. An easy way to look at our cap is that Stastny's $3.75M is coming off the books and so is Sanford's $2M. They are getting replace by Baron and Gus at $925K. That frees up more the $4M in capspace and PLD already has a $5M hit. So we don't really need to move anyone due to capspace this year and if we did I would suggest that we would move out Schmidt and/or Dillon first as we have internal replacements that need spots.

It's funny but my price for Scheif and PLD are pretty similar. You have 2 years of control for both players. Scheif has a sweatheart caphit and has 6 consecutive years of at least point per game play but is older so you many not want him beyond these 2 years and has caught some criticism for cheating for offense this year.

PLD is younger and about to hit is prime and has multiple 60 point seasons, but brings more physicality. Scheif is a right handed shot, PLD a left handed shot. They really compliment each other well but I can't imagine that Scheif would ever waive to go to Montreal after their fans were calling up his parents and sister threatening them after the Evans hit. That's so far out of bounds in my view really took a toll on him so there really isn't a price for Montreal for 55. You guys are better off just using the pick and trying to be good again when Price's hit is off the books.
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