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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dougford</b></div><div>Top line C? Woah there bucko.

He's a 2C. Averages 60pts a season, subpar defensive metrics, not the best off ice track record, and has never proven good in the playoffs.

I made this in the ABOLUTE EVENT that Hughes, for some reason, wanted him now. And in the event of this trade, I provided a first, and a young, middle 6 player. Hop off the high horse.</div></div>

Entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. He tore Toronto a new one when he was in Columbus as exhibit A. There are easily searchable articles on what a strong playoff performer he is.

We’re clearly done here and it’s easy to see why. You view him as a 2c when he is better than Suzuki. He would be the best c on the Habs. Saying he is a 2c means you think there are at least 32 Cs that are better than him.

He scored 63 points in 73 games last season and was above a ppg pace when he picked up the hip flexor injury. He played through it but production did drop.

Plenty of scouting reports indicate that he’s strong defensively. I’m not familiar with which metrics you’re quoting since you didn’t actually provide any proof or send me somewhere I could look up the information for myself. We specifically played him with weak defensive players because he was strong in the d zone.

We couldn’t possibly have opinions further apart about PLD as a player which explains the gap in value. Good news for everyone really because the insulting trade proposal followed up by an insulting UFA offer means he likely doesn’t end up in Montreal and Habs fans don’t really want him nor do they really need him.
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