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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>Slavin is a #1D that is very good on both sides of the ice. He doesnt get a lot of powerplay time as the Canes have Dougie and Gardiner already (he will now though) but has 23 ES points this season. He clocks heavy minutes on the PK as well.

If youve watched a single Vancouver game this ywar or even looked at the stats of their defense Hughes is a clear main contributor to thwir success and undisputed best defense on the team.

Krug is a great PP QB, best in the league? No way, that belongs to Carlson. Hes also not very good defensively</div></div>

IMO Slavin is not a #1 D. Hamilton is the #1 D on that team playing in all situations. Slavin slots in amongst the other good top 4 defenseman they have. His offensive abilities clearly aren't that good or he would be slotted with more PP time.

Hughes is a good offensive defenseman with room to grow. As I said. In two years he may be better than Krug but he now gets over 50% of his points on the PP. and As you said looking at the stats he's -8, and the third defenseman in TOI on Vancouver. So i wouldn't be running with saying he is by far their top defenseman.

As for Krug he has ran a top three powerplay in the NHL since 2013-14 (His rookie season). Therefore, as I said arguably the best powerplay quarter back in the league. He contributes heavily at even strengths and proved last season that he could shut down top lines as him and Carlo were matched against other teams top lines all last season in the playoffs.
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