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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boomer125</b></div><div>Agreed he definitely is worth more than a second, I'd offer a 2nd and an NHL ready F on a under a million deal in Korshkov prior to OS, just for argument sake let's say Calgary has OS Ciereli at 4.5 x 5 and the Habs have OS Sergachev at 6.25 x 6 Does Tampa "Easily match" all 3</div></div>

I do not think Sergechev signs a five year deal at that number. Its remarkable how much he has grown this year. Always a great skater and offensive threat. This year he has upped his defense and plays in all circumstances and he has added an edge to his game. The other night he took on and beat Weber in a fight. Rarely do you get all that in one player. Said it before, compare Serg to Hedman at the same time in development and Serg is better. So I think he does three years at 6.25 and look for a bigger paycheck down the road when he still 25. Yes they can match all three and find away to move other players.

Who to move. Killorn has a limited NTC this summer. A two way power forward that has just scored 30 goals and 60 points at 4.45 contract will get you a first plus.
Palat, try to get to sign off on a trade. Two way power forward that scores 20 goals and 50 points w 5.3 contract worth a second at least.
Johnson, a center plays two ways, scored 29 goals last year contract 5.0 but having a down year This is a problem and will have to add to move, and he has to agree.
Gourde, the biggest issue. Contract 5.1, down year, under sized, NTC. If he waives then add assets to dump.Great guy, always plays hard but on this team he is on the fourth line. Way over paid.

So move two of the four and put Colburn in the AHL, saving a million. Or trade kuch and his 9.5 contract for picks, prospects and yes it can be done.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boomer125</b></div><div>The NTCs are pretty unmovable,
Tyler Johnson Full No trade clause till June 2021 after 20 team trade list
Yanni Gourde Full no trade clause till June 30 2022 after 22 team trade list
Ondrej Palat Full no trade list till July 1st 2021 after 20 team trade list
Alex Killorn Full no trade till July 1st 2020 after 16 team no trade list submitted

Now all these players signed these deals to stay in Tampa, Alex Killorn is the most movable but JBB will have 15 teams to negotiate a trade with and out of those 15 teams there'd be what 4 or 5 that would have the 5.5 million of free space for the next 4 years.
It's unfortunate and not JBBs fault but his bargaining or negotiation leverage in negotiating a trade with these players is basically none. The other 3 can all say I'm not moving figure it out and they have the right to do so.

As for Sergachev, Ciereli, Cernak all taking major pay cuts is an insane thought - Cernak at 1.5 is a pay cut, Ciereli at 3/4 is a pay cut, Sergachev at 5 is a pay cut and what does it say to these 3 players if Tampa just pushed out the previous signed NTCs to make room all it says is the NTC is pointless.

Tampa would have 10% buffer in the offseason that is correct if they sign all 3 to friendly deals they'd be 6 million over the cap with only 18 players on the roster - so how much would any other team in the league be offering to take 5/6 million dollar x 4/5 years contracts off the lightnings hand? I'd bet none, I'd bet they'll all be trying to steal Point or getting paid handsomely from the lightning to do take one of the 4 mentioned above.
So OS is very very likely - no one is going to play nice or help Tampa navigate this cap crunch no team wants Tampa to be better or even remain equally competitive in the future.</div></div>

Finally someone that is logical.
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