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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>Mercer has shown that he can play in the NHL. Same as Boldy or Caufield. Holtz has yet to crack the NHL roster on a respectfully close to playoff contention but still one of the worst teams in the league. Mercer is therefore a certifiable proven NHL player who carries more value and is no longer considered a prospect. Regardless of Holtz's upside. Especially for a teaming looking to make the playoffs next year.

New Jersey by trading for Fiala are making a Win-now move, so by moving a player that <em>might</em> become as good as Fiala in 3+ years is more favorable than moving a important piece off their active roster to do it. They are getting the better player now. That is why Holtz is more plausible over Mercer. Holtz is still a prospect.

As for Hughes. Two reasons.

1) They're not going to trade their young 20 year old 1C's younger brother and risk pissing him off.

2) Hughes is their #1 prospect.

Would you trade Rossi for William Nylander? Same thing.</div></div>

The trading of Luke Hughes pissing his brother off makes a lot of sense because we have Zuccarello. But we shouldn't be afraid of asking for a top tier prospect and little to no draft pick. It also depends on what Judd Brackett thinks. I may think Luke Hughes is a stud but Brackett could think the opposite. I would consider a straight up trade of Hughes for Fiala a done deal trade. Holtz I would really like a pick of some sort like a 3rd -7th but if it's not included then we are getting a prospect this team likes and I trust Brackett/BG.

Also, if we were set at center and were close on pushing for a playoff run yes I would trade Rossi. I like him but he's unproven like Holtz and Hughes. Can Rossi be an elite 1c or 2c? Thats what we need. If we were making a play for a true 1c I would consider trading him. Or if I had Hughes and Hischier as my center I could afford to make that trade. There's too many variables to your last piece.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>For the record I don't see us doing Addison and Fiala for your first alone. But something along the lines of Addison and Fiala for your first and a good prospect (not Holtz or Luke Hughes, but someone in that tier below)</div></div>

I appreciate a constructive post here. As a Wild fan, lets touch on a few points. First, we ranked 3rd in prospect pipeline. Meaning a huge amount of B prospects doesn't do anything for us. Second, we are contending. Meaning we are looking for certain things back for players like Dumba/Fiala trades. Lastly, we draft very well thanks to Judd Brackett. Meaning we would want high draft picks. The draft proposals above are way better than most of the fan base. We have the same in the Wild community as well. Most of us are thankful for a guy like Fiala because this org has lacked scoring almost our entire existence.

We have a log jam at forwards so any forwards that are traded need to work on a top 6 line combo. Even with that the Wild have players to fill in that role so it's not really needed at them moment due to Rossi coming up next year and not having a ton of UFA/RFA's. We also have our top 3 defense in place with Brodin, Spurgeon Dumba and potentially Middleton being resigned after the year is over. So a defender would have to be a high end player to add benefit to our roster.

Trades like Foote, late first and a second rounder, does nothing really to intrigue the Wild. Foote won't make this roster unless its the 4th line and a late first has a very low probability of making a pro roster and a second round is the same. So trading Fiala for that proposal really does nothing for us.

Proposals I think the Wild are targeting:

Mercer+3rd for Fiala
Luke Hughes+3rd for Fiala
Boqvist+1st unprotected for Fiala

These trades at least provide a foundation. Boqvist might not crack the roster but if there are injuries we could call him up. A first round pick gets us a prospect that could help us in time. I'd be more interested in no picks and getting back a Dawson Mercer or Luke Hughes because they add a young player that will make this club next year. It also allows us to make changes else where which adds a benefit where we may not need anything else besides that player.

Example: A Mercer trade allows us to pencil him in on the Boldy line with Rossi and thus letting us move Freddy potentially. Or a Luke Hughes trade allows us to move Dumba for a winger we thing can fit into our top 6 role. So getting a pick isn't needed as much because we could move other players for picks most likely.

TLDR: The Boqvist plus the number 5 overall would be the only pick I would entertain because it sets us up with a prospect that we like in our system. I'd rather have a high end talent like Mercer or Hughes for Fiala because of their cap hit but I understand NJD might not want to move these pieces. I do think the Wild could keep Fiala with little to no effort but we would loose the depth needed to contend. I also think this trade will be very difficult as Fiala is probably the top 5 fan favorite of all time for us.
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