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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jco5ta5</b></div><div>Let's break this down...

DET trade: Saad for Mantha is roughly a 1:1. Mantha puts up more points and is 2 years younger but is owed a raise (likely $6M) and Saad plays a better 200 ft game. You are then trading three players for an AHL player in Svechnikov. Dude barely cracks Detroit's lineup last 4 seasons. De Haan may not return to NHL if shoulder doesn't heal, Chad Krys has never played an NHL game but is progressing well as a late-blooming prospect, and Kampf is a workhorse on the 3rd/4th lines. Detroit doesn't want/need De Haan. So you're essentially sending Saad for Mantha and then the potential of Krys and Kampf for an AHL player. You're just giving players away at that point.

NJ: While a change of scenery is likely needed for Subban and Sikura, the package is off. NJ doesn't need goaltending this year. They're one of the worst teams and aren't close to a playoff spot so to take on Crawford for this year only does nothing for them when they can just resign him as a UFA in July. I would say Hawks overwhelmingly win this trade as it's lopsided. You get Zacha who is a good 3rd liner who puts up 25 points per year and Subban who is (besides this year) considered a great defender and PP guy and you gave NJ a goalie they don't need/want and two AHL player with low ceilings. Sikura is not a top 6 forward and Gilbert is not a top 4 D man.

WPG: Why? You're trading Smith and a 7th for a 7th. So you're giving Smith away to the Jets FOR FREE because the 7th rounders cancel each other out. Plus, Smith has been serviceable as a 4th liner. Also, Hawks don't need the cap space to dump his salary so doing this move makes zero sense.

PHI: I don't mind this but now Hawks are stuck with that contract for 4 years for a player who is performing well below his standard. If this trade happened and he excels then it's a great deal for the Hawks (vice versa with Gus for Philly). If he comes here and continues to perform the way he is this year, Hawks are better off just resigning Gus to less money.

Hope this helps.</div></div>

I like your analysis, great job breaking it down. However, if CHI can get Mantha, that’ll be a steal since he will become a huge offensive threat that could put up 70+ points with good line mates, especially DeBrincat and Strome. Svechnikov is very interesting so giving Krys and Kampf solidify that. Mantha will be a top 30 player, I give you my word in the next 3 years. The Crawford deal is interesting in the way I proposed it. It gives a chance to see if Crawford likes NJ and if he’d decide to sign there. They dump Subban and the Hawks have a chance to see what he can do on the PP. Kane passing to him for one timers will be something special. Zacha is an interesting prospect. He’s an amazing player but needs a chance with good line mates to build chemistry and get his confidence up and he’ll be dynamic. Giving Smith away for “free” is a gift to the hawks. He’s only getting older and worse. He’s degreased horribly. His 2 goal stint the other night was luck and being in the right place at the right time. He needs to go, he doesn’t provide much. Gostisbehere has been unlucky with Provorov taking his spot, where he used to shine. If you give him Keith minutes with a solid stay at home d man with him, he will excel and become the player he used to be again. These trades set the team up for the future. Mantha would sign for 6x6, while Zacha and Gostisbehere has a very friendly deal.
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