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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>Gibson, Korpisalo, and Georgiev aren't good goalies though, so their age is irrelevant. If age is the primary factor then the Oilers are set as they can just move their prospects up: Konovalov (23), Skinner (22) and Rodrigue (21) are all younger than the guys you mentioned.

Both Skinner and Konovalov are quality prospects, and Rodrigue has upside too. Smith is .953 so far this after putting up a fantastic season last year. There's no reason at all to be making trades at this point, so Holland won't be.</div></div>

Well one bad game and Smith is down to 0.920. It’s way too early in the season to be heralding sv%. One of those “not good” goalies (Gibson) is sitting at 0.961 sv% after 2 games. Another (Korpisalo) is sitting at 0.953 sv% after 1 game. Outside of last season, Gibson has had a better sv% than Smith in every season from 2016 to now. Smith also has a history of Lower body injuries.

33 goalies have played 95 games since start 2018-19 season.

Sv% ranking
Gibson is 18th - 0.910
Koskinen is 19th - 0.909
Smith is 24th - 0.907
Korpisalo is 30th - 0.902

Georgiev didn’t play enough in that timeframe but his career sv% is 0.911. Which would put him right there with Gibson and Koskinen.

Both Georgiev and Gibson are younger and thus more likely to last a couple of years to bridge the gap till your prospects are ready and then you don’t have to follow the great tradition of trial by fire. I guess we will see at the end of the season, but it’s just my opinion that setting your hopes of getting the cup on a 39 year old goalie with a history of injuries and has provided below average goaltending over the past 3 seasons (and that’s even including a near career best season) is not a smart idea while you have several great player in prime years.
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ultimately I don't see these players on the team at the end of the season:

Rittich, Cousins, Grimaldi, Benning, Boroweicki. What they'll return will ultimately depend on how they play during the year. Right now with how the preseason is going, I'm about ready to just gamble with Ingram and waive Rittich but that'd likely blow up in my face... at the same time, we aren't exactly cup contenders this season so *shrug*. Boroweicki was bad last season but he was dealing with concussion issues (or atleast some other medical issue). Cousins and Grimaldi are probably mid round picks 3rd-4th rounds. Benning is really cheap defensive depth probably in the realm of a 4th-5th.

The elephants in the room: Forsberg and Ekholm.... I think we should trade him now tbh. We aren't in a win now cup mode and by the time we are he's gonna be nearing decline (especially given his injury history). Get a good return. I kindof like the devil's return.

Ekholm keeps saying all the right things about wanting to stay in Nashville but.... he's 30...and just like with Forsberg we should get what we can for him. Bolduc is a good prospect just not sure how big of a need he is with Farrance, Davies, Del Gaizo, and Chistyakov in the pipeline. Probably wouldn't be bad to go ahead and get another good d prospect though.

All in all, I think the moves are all pretty decent. Would like to squeeze more out of the islanders deal but it's acceptable.

Afanasyev has made a great impression at camp. Playing in the KHL last season seems to of really helped his development. I think his play is just about demanding that he get a look at the start of the season. I think he's outplayed Tomasino tbh (and i'm a huge Tomasino fan). Jeannot made a great impression as well. I think it's time to give Novak some NHL time too.

I'd also like to trade Sissons but that's another story.
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