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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensonfire</b></div><div>1. I'm not asking for the same return I gave out for him.

#12 overall pick in 2023 &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Top 10 Protected 1st from Tampa.

2. Chychrun just played a full 82 game season, Ottawa is retaining half of his salary and he'll sign an extension with whichever team acquires him.

His production rate is down because he's Ottawa's #3 left shot defenceman behind Sanderson and Chabot.

3. If it's an "easy pass" on Brannstrom, then why was it not an "easy pass" on Lauzon ?

And if you don't like the asking price on Chychrun, then I can't even begin to fathom how squeamish you'll be when you pay the asking price on Marner.</div></div>

1) tampas 1st is a complete crapshoot and could end up being really nice if not next season then the one after.

2) nashville is under the cap floor. Expecting them to pay for retention isn't going to happen.

Call him whatever you want to but he had just 40 seconds less total TOI/game as your leading dman Sanderson, 2nd most EV strength TOI/game just behind Chabot, and 2nd most PP/game TOI for dmen. He would get much of the same treatment in Nashville being stuck behind Josi. So if we want to blame usage for his diminished production that isn't going to get better in Nashville.

3) Lauzon has size/physical play that Nashville wanted and was willing to pay for. Brannstrom doesn't provide that and Nashville has similar players like Stastney that are ready to play nhl next season and Molendyk who isn't far behind him.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AEcho</b></div><div>I think there are some strong lines in there. IMO I like Sissons anchoring the 4th line more and I think L'Heurueux has earned his shot. I also think that is going to be the reality that we have Novak long-term, so with that I think Pesce is the easiest to pass on. With Ufko also looking really promising there is some flexibility on that side if Fabbro doesn't full check out. If we can get Cirelli it might cost a little more, but I'd be willing to pay another 3rd or 4th to pick him up. Based on the cap situation it is likely that if NSH comes knocking with an offer to take the cap off their hands they would be receptive if it means they can resign Stamkos and others. Lines to me look like

Forsberg - ROR - Evangelista or Forsberg - ROR - Marner
Novak - Cirelli - Marner or Novak - Cirelli - Evangelista (this line possibility due to chemistry between Novak and Evangelista)
L'Heuruex - Parssinen - Nyquist
Smith - Sissons - McCarron

Josi - Fabbro/Ufko
Statsney - Zadorov
Molendyk/MDG - Schenn

I agree with you on Askarov as they are obviously high on him, but I think Trotz is willing to give Saros 7-8 years at this point. WIth Hellebuyck and Sorokin both signing huge deals, it really seems like Trotz will have to be willing to give Saros that term. With how bullish he has been on signing Saros there is no way he hasn't thought of it. I could see him trying for like 6 years and throwing in a full NMC for its entire duration, but I think Saros likely signs something that is at least 7 years if not 8.</div></div>

Giving saros anything beyond 5 years would be a mistake to me. Very few goalies play past age 35 and out of the few that do even would be considered starters. Only 5 goalies age 35 or older this season, Fleury played 40 games and Talbot played 54. The other 3 were 28 or less games. Smallest one is 6'1". Talbot had a .913 sv% and Fleury had a .895 sv%. I don't think it wise to give Saros a fat long contract that will take him to 37/38 especially with him being just 5'11".
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AEcho</b></div><div>Can't see Trotz trading Saros after all that has been said and communicated so far revolving around Saros. I like the defense adds and if we can get Cirelli for that price I'll happily do it, but I just don't think NSH gets to shed enough money to make all of those happen.

Novak is likely on the team next year as well so I'm just not sure where the money comes from to make it all happen</div></div>

If Novak were to stay would have to try and cheap out on one of the UFA acquisitions or just not get one of em. Maybe pass on Pesce and hope that keeping Fabbro stapled to Josi all season helps him build confidence and grow his game some. Put Novak on wing with Cirelli and Marner for some good offensive balance and slide Nyquist down with Parssinen and sissons. L'Heureux is a long shot to make the team but I really want to see him stir up a storm at the NHL level.

Forsberg ROR Evangelista
Novak Cirelli Marner
Nyquist Parssinen Sissons or L'Heureux Pärssinen Nyquist
Afanaseyev McCarron Smith or smith sissons McCarron

Josi fabbro
Zadorov stastney
Molendyk/MDG schenn

Not sure if Cirelli could be had but with Tampas cap now maybe he could be. They don't have a ton of cap room or expensive contracts without trade protections to move. If not then maybe pivot to try and get Chandler instead in free agency.

WRT Saros I don't think Trotz will want to give the kind of longterm contract that Saros is going to want and I think they're high on askarov. So Saros may well be traded. They may want to keep him but he is the best trade chip we got to get an impactful player
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AEcho</b></div><div>100% agree with that. Save the extra money and retain Fabbro and run him in the top 4. I also don't think Molendyk makes the team immediately. I could be wrong, but I think Ufko has a higher change of making the team day one compared to Molendyk.

Lines look more like

Forberg - ROR - Nyquist
Batherson - Stamkos - Evangelista
L'Herueux - Novak - Tomasino
Smith - Parssinen- SIssons

Josi - Ufko
McD - Fabbro
Statsney - Schenn/Lauzon

My only big concern is with that Stamkos contract, that is a lot of term and money to be giving someone in their mid 30's. Yeah, it is Stamkos, and he could pull a Crosby and deny the affects of age for the next 4 years, and if that happens, then great. But I'd be hesitant to give him that term especially when we have Svechkov waiting in MKE and looking pretty good for his first season in NA. Not to mention we would then have Fabbro, Evangelista, and Askarov to sign the next season. Maybe more like 6.5-7M if we are giving that much term, but I'd rather see Stamkos signed to a 2-3 year deal at 8M if we are giving him that much money.</div></div>

Personally I would go a bottom 6 of
Novak- Parssinen- Tomasino
L'Heureux - sissons - smith

But I really dont like having novak at center for various reasons. He atleast needs a linemate that is competent at faceoffs if he is going to play the role of center. L'Heureux with sissons and smith could also be a very effective and annoying line to play against. Scoring potential and good around the boards.

WRT stamkos - with nyquist leaving at the end of the season there is always the possibility that if svechkov proves himself stamkos could go back to wing. Pärssinen also may not pan out at center and sissons' contract is only 2 more seasons.

I dont see fabbro sticking around long term. Two coaches in a row have diminished his role on the team. He seems to be taking a quick route out of town. Ufko may be on a quick route to the NHL if he keeps it up but I still wouldn't be surprised is Molendyk makes the team out of camp. His progression reminds me alot of Girard. At some point, it just becomes undeniable that he needs to move up.
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