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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>1st line -- I'm happy to see that top line together -- Duchene seemed to really dominate when he was finally given a chance to play with more high-end offensive players again.

2nd line -- why change it, I agree.

3rd line -- I have a feeling that this line could be pretty rough defensively and get muscled off the puck fairly easily as well -- this is the line I'm most concerned about.

4th line -- why change it, I agree.

As for the D pairings, I cringe every time I see Gudbranson with the puck in the d-zone and someone is forechecking him... I would prefer Benning in that spot.

I think the tough part for the forward group is just what combination of Forsberg, Johansen, Duchene, Tolvanen, Arvidsson, and Haula is the best -- and there are quite a few combinations you could try there... At one point during the season, Tolvanen - Johansen - Arvidsson looked very good as well -- so maybe Forsberg - Haula - Duchene is tried? Not sure what they ultimately do with those two lines.

edit: I also liked seeing Olivier back in the lineup -- he brings a lot of sandpaper and was able to get under the skin of quite a few players it seemed. So I could see them wanting to get him in the lineup for that reason. He did some kinda silly stuff sometimes, but it seemed to work. He was in their heads all night -- at least Nino's.</div></div>

I like Olivier but he's less disciplined than Jeannot and Jeannot has shown more offensive ability while bringing the sandpaper.

As far as D pairings go, Gudbranson is meh but he brings some size to an otherwise smallish d group. That's why i pair Ellis with him.

Forward groupings: Not sure if they'll really change much from the regular season. Duchene Forsberg Joey looked good last night but Duchene Joey Tolvanen was a dumpster fire when RV got hurt and Duchene had to be moved up. I think ET - Joey - RV, Forsberg - Haula - Duchene could be pretty good as well though.
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