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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhoCares_ItsAFantasyGame</b></div><div>As a Habs fan, I'm wondering why would Leafs do a move like this. And for those wh said they would laugh at this.. PLease..
Anderson has provided low 30 pts per year for the Habs, he's at 5.5M$ right now for the next 4 years (including this one) and he's 29yrs old.
Barron still hasn't shown the level of development he should be hitting right now, and Kovacevic has surpassed him.
- Järnkrok as provided the same amount of points, even high 30's last year with the Leafs, but he's paid 2.1M$ for the next 3 including this one, and he's 31.
- Brodie only has this year at 5M$ and is reliable as a defenseman.. and again only one year left which is this year.
- Villeneuve is a local that would attrack people in Laval, and has shown some good development skills. Not ready to say he'll be an NHLer, but at least bring in people in Laval for now.

In the end, Habs get a potential prospect, and a low cost winger who can provide the same points average as Anderson at this point, with a year less than Anderson.

The only negative point here is that both Järnkrok and Brodie would need to accept being moved to MTL since they have clauses in their contracts. Habs need to move out contracts and Anderson would but better off somewhere else in a club that can use his skills. Toronto could need another grit player in the lineup. I think they would refuse the move knowing their chance to hoist the cup could be this year with the moves that were done in the offseason.

I would question if they would be ok with the lengh of the contract since they need space to sign Nylander and Marner (in the near future) to try and keep their core four.

Anderson can bring the powoer to the front in a team like the Leafs.. Habs could benefit from Järnkrok for a few seasons at his cap hit.</div></div>

Habs dont need to move out contracts currently, they will soon but cap space isnt an issue right now. Barron had a very solid year last year for a 21 year old dman playing on essentially an entirely rookie d-core. Should he be putting up a point a game already? hes looking like a viable top 4 option in the future, he wont be a top pair dman but he's certainly held his own so far. This trade does nothing for mtl's future expect remove a key prospect and replace him with a worse one at the same position.
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