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Forum: Armchair-GM17 sep à 17 h 11
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>The Drouin MacKinnon narrative is so tired they last played together almost a decade ago, and if Drouin did end up in COL he isn’t supplanting either Landeskog or Rantanen on the top line. If I’m reading you want Kadri because of his play making skills you’ll be greatly disappointed because he is a very shoot first type of center. Kulak yeah your right. Harris, he’s a college UFA at the end of the year if you were a college UFA would you sign with a team that has Makar, Girard, Byram, Barron and Helleson all 23 or younger and all in front of you, add in Toews signed for the next 3 years and I don’t know about you but that isn’t exactly the most inviting of spots. MacDermid is exactly what you said. Poehling, no thanks we have a similar type prospect in Bowers and personally I hate his politics, Beaucage is the wild card. NHL top notch shot now, skating leaves a lot to be desired but tantalizing shot. Being as objective as I can it isn’t a rip off, but considering the Avs give up the best player in the deal (Kadri) but end up taking back more cap and creating a hole at 2C for this season just doesn’t make sense from the Avs. It was definitely creative though the kind of stuff that makes CF ACGM good.</div></div>

I can understand your disagreement but Poehling is now a 2way center with a great vision he can help with your young core and play third line with Drouin. Drouin playing pp time with Mack to boost your Pp can be game breaker. I know it's rude on cap but again this might spark a good win for both. Harris want to play in usa, as for Poeh politics even if i do agree it's not hockey related ... At least it's a close deal but i understand your though! Good day
Forum: Armchair-GM17 sep à 4 h 10
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Once and yes it killed in the playoffs, but Expecting Newhook to take the 2C spot immediately is a massive mistake. Then thrown in the trade proposed puts the Avs over the cap by 2M makes it an awful trade. Kadri rightly gets criticism but his contract dovetails perfectly with Newhook’s expected development and he is playing for his next contract so I expect to see a very good year out of him.</div></div>

Two thing on Drouin leaving reason probability so far, and nothing about physical or hockey related problem : 1- family relative loss 2- media pressure and confrontation.

Today he was skating like a normal man on ice, he was supposed to answer everything sept 20 but RDS failed by showcasing the event instead of what they were supposed to do ... So the bias against Drouin is minor to non existent outside MTL ....

My AGM is an actual possibility to reunite MacKinnon and Drouin and handing a great play maker to fill our la center spot need. I also included a third center to be in Poehling and 2 d-men to help on long term. Yes Kulak is a bottim dmen but harris is a great project to build around. As for Beaucage and Macdermid they even the thing out in a hockey trade perspective ( and contract number.

Drouin is ready, but he now wants to leave ... The buzz and the fuzz is a real mess and he need a rest, and a team that can give him a peacefuk mindset to go.... Kadri is yes a good centerman, but getting a fullready Drouin has a cost.
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