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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wojme</b></div><div>Being one of the main pieces of the Eichel trade, it would look bad on the organization from an asset management perspective to trade him.</div></div> <div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BUFF36</b></div><div>Would think it would depend on the piece coming back. Not bad asset management when you use it to get better.</div></div> Two year ago we would have thought Eichel was untouchable.
When I saw Tuch and a couple of picks were part of the return, I was very satisfied, Krebs was the whipped cream and the cherry on the top.
IMO Tuch, Thompson, Dahlin and Power approach untouchable but obviously it would need to be a crazy deal which would not happen.
I really like the way the team is shaping up and would only trade Samuelsson, Cozens, Mittelstadt, Krebs, Olofsson or Jokiharju if the deal knocked my socks off as I do not think we have seen their ceiling.
Skinner, Girgensons, Asplund and Okposo probably will not be traded because the return will not equal to the intangibles that they bring to the ice.
Watching the Leafs and Bolts go at it the last couple of games makes it very obvious the Sabres are not close the their talent level.
<a href="/users/Mr_Nick_Ber" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Mr_Nick_Ber</a>
I seriously doubt we will see the Sabres make any big moves this off season.
Adding Scheifele will not make the Sabres a playoff team at the expense of trading away 40 to 50 goals to add him.
From March 2nd to the end of the season Olofsson was on fire.
Over those 28 games he had 13 goals, 25 pts and was +6 (38 goals, 73 pts prorated over 82 games).
Not having a healthy Olofsson would seriously damage Buffalo's offense.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>I'm with you! I think this is a lose lose trade. Joki is a fine Dman. He won't play over either Jones or Murphy so he's defaulted to bottom pair and the Hawks should develop their own Dmen.

It's also not good asset management for BUF either. You're spot on about a current NHL dman vs potential NHL dman. And about Kubalik too. He might very well end up being a UFA this summer. I'm not sure the Hawks qualify him. The 2nd is a late 2nd and TJ at $2.5M can have a healthy debate. He did just get the Eichel surgey...so I'd find it extremely unlikely BUF as an organization wouldn't allow it for Eichel but all of a sudden got real cool with it for TJ.</div></div> I think it is unfortunate when a proposed trade is dissed by both parties.
Thank you very much for your insightful comments.
I completely agree that the Jokiharju bus left a long time ago and while he plays top four minutes for Buffalo he would be a third pairing for the Hawks.

To be completely honest with you, adding Caleb, Seth and Jake to any defense is a huge upgrade.
Throw Fleury into the line up and one would think they would have a very stingy defense, instead rank nearly the worse.
I fully expected the Hawks to greatly improve and not digress.
I guess Toews, Kubalik, Dach and Johnson did not produce as well as expected.
I certainly feel your pain and hope the Hawks can rebound.
IMO they did really well to get two firsts for Hagel and a conditional second for Fleury.