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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Let's agree to disagree about the Defensemen.
Laaksonen was the best defenseman during the Prospect Challenge.
He did not play particularly well in his only preseason game but Pilut, Clague, Fitzgerald and Laaksonen are all borderline NHL material.
Clague offensive stats were better than Bryson last year with 2 goals and 10 pts in 36 games v Bryson 1-10 in 73 games.
Fitzgerald only put up 6 pts in 36 NHL games last year and was one of the biggest hitters among the Sabres leading the team with 8.5 hits/60.
In addition he had an awesome AHL playoff with 2 goals and 7 pts in 10 games.
Pilut has already demonstrated that he has AHL All Star capabilities.
Prow and Laaksonen are excellent AHL offensive RHD.
It would be hard to find another AHL defense with that resume of NHL and AHL talent.

IMO the Amerks should be a favorite for the Calder Cup which was my only reason for posting this.
Subban, Houser, Luukkonen between the pipes should be among the best in the AHL.
They will ice great prospects among the forwards Biro, Cederqvist, Kisakov, Kozak, Kulich , Rosen, Weissbach, and maybe Peterka.
I have to think back to 2004-'05 when Rochester had Vanek, Pominville, Roy, and Gaustad on the Amerks that had this many offensive threats.
Pilut, Clague and Fitzgerald all have NHL games on their resume, Laaksonen and Prow are deadly offensive RHD.

sabres89 what do you mean: "Those goalies would give me night terrors."
The opposing teams?</div></div>

I don't mean that the blue-line has poor talent, but it is loaded with offensive-minded D-men, and few that I would deem defensively astute. Fitzgerald would be the best all-around guy, but that D-core is not going to keep the opposing teams to fewer than 3 goals against a game, which is what hampered the Americans all season. They were 2nd in goals for I believe in the season and allowed the 2nd most goals against.
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