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Team - Wild
Need(s) - Top Line, Goal Scoring Center

All positions are currently filled with quality prospects:
LW: Öhgren, Beckman, Lorenz, Milne
C: Rossi, Khusnutdinov, Bankier, Haight
RW: Yurov, Walker, Petrovsky, Novak
LHD: Lambos, Peart, Hunt, O'Rourke, Benoit
RHD: Faber, Spacek, Healey, Masters
G: Wallstedt

We also have quality in our current roster that we've locked up for the next <em>2</em> to <strong>4+</strong> years:
LW: <strong>Kaprizov</strong>, Johansson, <em>Foligno</em>, Shaw
C: Hartman, <strong>Eriksson Ek</strong>, Gaudreau, Dewar
RW: <em>Zuccarello</em>, <strong>Boldy</strong>, Sundqvist, Duhaime, Reaves
LHD: <em>Middleton</em>, <strong>Brodin</strong>, <strong>Merrill</strong>, Goligoski
RHD: <strong>Spurgeon</strong>, Dumba, Klingsberg, Addison
G: Fleury, Gustavsson

Furthermore, we should have enough cap space to retain Johansson, Gaudreau, Shaw, Duhaime, and Gustavsson. Addison as well but we'll most likely trade him for assets this offseason as we aren't comfortable committing to 3 undersized defensemen down our righthand side -- Spurgeon (5'9"), Faber (6'), Addison (5'11"). Especially given the lack of size on our current roster and within our farm system.

Rossi will pair nicely with Kaprizov on the first line but we need a top quality center that:
a. can drive our 2nd line
b. can score goals to take pressure off of Kaprizov &amp; Boldy
c. posses some athletic advantage, like size and/or speed

Khusnutdinov is killing it in the KHL but is allergic to the net. I see him as Granlund 2.0. Which is fine on it's own; however, we have an abundance of passers on the current roster &amp; farm. It's unlikely Bankier PPG play in the WHL will translate into the NHL. Same with Petrovsky. I have high hopes for Haight but his ceiling is still unknown at this point.

Other than a franchise center, we don't need anything else. Maybe a goalie prospect to replace Gustavsson years down the line as the backup to Wallstedt since Hunter Jones doesn't seem to be working out.
Judd Brackett is in charge of our drafting decisions which means we'll to continue to draft BPA, with a preference towards players that score high on skating, compete, character, leadership, and hockey IQ.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>He's fine. Especially considering he missed a whole year of crucial development due to Myocarditis.

He's doing great in the AHL right now. There's nothing wrong with letting him overbake down there where he's getting top ice time and being *the guy*.

But there's a small contingent of Wild fans who are irrationally ready to give up on him just because he's not already playing for the Wild in a top six role or hate the fact he's under 6'0" tall.</div></div>

To be clear, I haven't given up on Rossi. In fact, I <em>assume</em> he'll center our top line moving forward. Whenever I talk about needing a "1C", what I <em>actually</em> mean is that we need <em>another</em> 1C to drive our 2nd line. Since I believe you need to have 2 first line quality centers in order to be considered a true cup contender. I also think JEEK is best suited on the 3rd line &amp; special teams. I believe Khusnutdinov will be the next Granlund; which by itself is great but becomes problematic when you begin to factor in the lack of goal scorers we have on the roster and in our system. Kaprizov &amp; Boldy are the only two I consider to be top goal scorers. Yurov, Beckman, Walker, Öhgren (maybe), and others I consider to be decent goal scorers but not in a game breaking way.

Ideally, we'd have a center with top line talent (like Boldy) to drive our 2nd line. Even better is if the center is a natural goal scorer (to take pressure off Boldy), fast (since Boldy seems to do well with faster players), and physical (again to draw some physicality away from Boldy).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Claesson4Norris</b></div><div>Largely looks alright, but I'll give a few thoughts on what I think you're off about.

There's no reason to think Tyler Boucher will ever be more than a 4th liner. Decent physical skillset (physical, good shot, skating), but he can't stay healthy and he's not a consistent offensive threat even when he is.

Greig is gonna be at least a 3rd liner, as soon as next year. Has shown well at the NHL level this year, despite being in over his head as a 2C when he's been up. All the pieces are there for him to be an extremely effective player in the NHL. Skates well, good snap on his wrister, plays hard to get under players skin, and he's got really underrated hockey sense which let's him be so effective away from the puck.


Also bridging Jake Sanderson would be a mistake. They need to make a long term play for him this offseason, like they did with Stützle. This dude is gonna be special. I'd even be willing to swap out Cat for a cheaper top 6 winger to keep that money open.</div></div>

I appreciate the feedback and agree on all points, especially your final two. IDK why I bridged Sanderson, I'll change it to an 8 x $7M/yr. As for putting Greig on the 4th line, I originally had him as the 4C simply to complete the "perfect" line down the middle: Stutzle, Norris, Pinto, Greig. Even though Greig is more suited on the 3rd line. Then I made some changes and forgot to place him back on the 3rd line. I'll make the changes now. Thanks.
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