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22 jun 2017
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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 12:07 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhuntlol</b></div><div>its a deadline deal, what are the chances of forsberg re signing? slim to none? youre expecting to get back a martin st louis or paul kariya for a rental lmfao</div></div>

You misunderstand. I never said I was expecting a St. Louis or Kariya. I was illustrating that you're trying to sell the B and C prospects you're offering as "highly skilled".

I don't think NSH's chances of re-signing Forsberg are as slim as you think. Sure it's possible he might want a change of scenery. He's never brought it up, so we can't know. If it's mainly about money for him, NSH has more cap space to work with than most teams, and the tax advantage in Tennessee gives them a leg up over most of the league too. Personally, I think the Preds should sell on him, and keep going with the youth movement. I think they've selected the vets they want to help play with the kids (Ekholm, Granlund), and should keep amassing futures right now.

I think the absolute low end of acceptable deadline returns for a player like Forsberg should be at least a 1st and a prospect equal in value to Hirvonen (but one that suits NSH's needs better than him). That would be without NSH having to retain salary or take back an unwanted cap dump though. The 4th and Miettinen aren't incentive enough for the retention and Kerfoot, and the rest of the return is less than ideal to begin with.

Not that any of this matters much as, it's really not looking like TOR is going to be in a position to think about playoff rentals they can't afford anyway.
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