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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Random2152</b></div><div>Its less about Nashville and more about the leafs, but looking at the nylander to nsh for Tanner jeannot trades kinda backs me up there.

Anyway my larger overall point is that he is going to return far more than the site expects him too (late 1st or equivalent) and everyone is acting like he won't even get close.
And sissions? Career high of 30 points is equivalent to kerfoot huh? This is exactly what I mean. Kerf is simultaneously massively underrated and overrated.

Which is to say his trade value is way more than the site expects but personally I'm not a fan of him.

Anyway I just like ufko. This trade wasn't even originally in the agm</div></div>

Yeah, that recent Jeannot for Nylander phenomenon around here has been...odd. Like pretty much every NSH fan I know here, I feel it's ridiculously tilted in NSH's favour. But the Preds would never think about including Jeannot in a trade right now, so it's a moot point of conversation. FWIW, I think a fair offer for Nylander would be something more like Jeannot, a 1st, and a prospect TOR would value more than a 2nd (someone who's value would fall somewhere between Ufko's and Evangelista's).

I think Kerfoot could fetch a 2nd+ to the right buyer at the right time, in the real world. Maybe even a 1st as a deadline rental next season, but it's hard to picture TOR being a deadline seller then. As for CF, you have to assume Kerfoot-fatigue factors into his value here. Nearly every other fanbase has been declining daily Kerfoot offers here, since the Leafs got him. If actual NHL GMs had to field five calls a day from Dubas trying to trade them Kerfoot for pieces they don't want to move, they'd probably start to undervalue him too.

I get that they're players with different skill sets (Kerfoot being more offensive and better on wing, Sissons more defensive and the superior center, etc), but they really are very equal players. They're both best suited for 3rd line deployment, but won't drag their line down when asked to play in the top six. Don't underate the faceoff king who when injuries thrust him into being NSH's #1 center during the finals, held his own against Crosby's line, and is the straw that stirs the drink on Jeannot and Trenin's line.

I like Ufko too. The Preds have next to no depth on the right side beyond Carrier and Fabbro, but he's our best RD prospect. Honestly all NSH has right now is Ufko, Luke Prokop, and maybe Jack Matier with anything resembling any sort of NHL potential.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>budgeteam</b></div><div>It doesn't do anything for Ottawa to trade Connor Brown for Trenin. They don't really play the same role, and Trenin is a lot more limited where he can play in the lineup. He is going to get a nice raise because he has established himself as a strong physical 3rd liner who can score goals, and he is eligible for arbitration. Nashville is usually good at getting guys like that below market value because of their tax situation and team culture, but if he comes to Ottawa he is probably a 2.5+ million dollar player on a 2 year extension, maybe 3.0+. Dorion rarely buys up UFA years for those kind of luxury 3rd line type players, probably because when he has in the past, it hasn't worked out (Smith, Burrows, etc).

So it won't save the Senators much money vs paying Brown 4 million (in salary) this season. It gets them an extra year of cost control, but with an inferior player.

I suspect they might deal Connor Brown this off season in a package deal for a first line forward like Kevin Fiala. This is because they will need to dump salary to maintain their budget, give the other team value, and the Senators won't re-sign Brown at the end of his contract so it makes sense to cut bait 1 year early instead of moving out a piece that will be cost controlled for longer. I think the Senators will package Brown, the 7th overall pick, and possibly a small plus for a young established first line forward.

William Nylander is the only player who meets that criteria on either Nashville or Toronto who if made available would go for what the Senators would offer. Although, the problem with Nylander is that he has 2 years of term left. Which is an awkward point where he cannot sign an extension, but it isn't enough term to comfortably give up major assets for when there will be better options. 7th+Brown as the basis for Nylander would be more than fair if the Leafs want to trade him. They aren't likely to be offered a better package deal considering the difficulties around Nylander's term, and the fact that players with limited term when traded rarely get full value. I don't expect the Leafs to trade Nylander though, and I would expect the Senators to go after Fiala as their first choice since it has been so heavily rumored. Now that the lottery has passed, it wouldn't surprise me if all sides involved (OTT/MIN/Fiala) already know the basis of a possible deal and extension and are just waiting to see if anything better materializes for either side closer to the draft. (Since there is no point in rushing a trade until then)</div></div>

Yeah even without all the nonsense TOR part of this proposal, I don't think either team considers the Trenin for Brown trade.