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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Well just by looking at who they brought in, this would appear to be a full rebuild <em>a la</em> NY rangers did in 2016, I think it was. Gorton is much known for that as well as his drafting record from Boston. It would appear that's where the Habs are looking to improve especially when Molson specifically mentioned drafting top 10 3 times under MB and none are still with the team.

Also just to clarify something here, whoever the Habs get to be GM will essentially be the pawn for Gorton. They'll bring their expertise and have a role to play obviously but its abundantly clear in my mind, that ownership wants the best person for the job but because of the language requirement, it can only be in the form of an non french VP who won;'t speak to media often if at all and a french speaking GM who will speak to the media and fans regularly, working in unison. The GM doing all the day to day things still while communicating to the fanbase but the main direction the team takes will be from Gorton and that's the most important thing.

For all the Habs fans out there wanting a true rebuild and with the best person for the job being hired regardless of language cliche, this is quite literaally the closest we'll ever get to it. I couldn't be happier with the direction ownership took today.</div></div>

Well, this is your moment Marco. You've been pretty vocal about your disliking of Bergevin's tenure throughout the years, even when MB's star was shining at it's brightest level. I clearly remember reading one of your rant as recently as during the last Cup run, when everyone in the mountains of Uganda was praising Lord Bergevin for his brilliant moves and the bright future of the organization. These days seem so distant now... But anyway, kudos for staying true to your appreciation of the man and his body of work. It's always a pleasure to read your thoughtful comments.
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