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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Hah! I'm 74 and palhal is in his 60's, as is my good friend and Ranger adherent gdli, who is younger but pre-dates me in hockey fandom by at least a decade.</div></div>

Looks like you've gathered a band of "elder statesman" together. Please feel free to share thi with the rest of the gang. For the record, I have been a NYR fan since 1956 (age 5). I attended my first hockey game at MSG #3 on March 9, 1958, three days before my 7th birthday and 19 days before "Mr.Hockey's" 30th. The Wings prevailed 4-2, Gordie netted one for the Wings, and Andy Bathgate answered for the Rangers. Back in the late 50's the Rangers and Bruins occasionally made the playoffs, but had the best brawlers in the league. However, it turns out that over the years, the Rangers and Wings provided the best boxing entertainment at games that I attended. The first occurred in the earlier 60's, a bench emptier (boy, do I miss those!!!). The particulars: Length - 55 minutes, Time to announce the penalties - 25 minutes - 12 ejections - skated 3 on 3 for the next 22 minutes - most vivid fight action - Reggie Fleming, star brawler for Blueshirts (Reggie didn't need his bolts tightened, he needed them installed) was about 2/3 up on a pile of players. A Wing who was slightly higher in the pile was delivering on Reggie's face. Reggie's right arm was pinned by several other participants. Reggie's solution: Since he could not block the incoming, he picked out a Wing lower in the pile, and while receiving, proceeded to start delivering on the other guy. Old time hockey at its best. As an Isles fan, I'm sure you recall a similar game between the Isles and Pens - 419 penalty minutes, Michael Healey attempting to take on the entire Pens team, he had several TKOs. The game ending with a 3 on 3 in progress and two guys on each bench. Next edition: Domi - Probert II.
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