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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>Canes instead pursue Horvat in UFA. No reason to give a bunch of good assets for a player they don’t need and would more than likely walk at seasons end. Besides, no reason to screw KK over when he has been a vital part of one of the best lines in the league so far this season.

But for the sake of argument, assuming this does actually happen somehow, the lines would be quite a bit different.
Turbo-Horvat-Kase/Stepan/Martinook/Noesen (insert whoever at RW)

Can’t see Horvat as a Cane unless he agrees to a long term sweetheart deal. Maybe playing games that are actually meaningful is worth more to him than money.

That being said, another reason Canes might not go for this is because they want a winning mindset in their players. Right now, I can’t see them making a move for a roster player from a team that has been compared to a country club.

As for the trade itself, and only if Horvat is willing to resign, drop both the 2nds and replace with the 23 first.</div></div>

Not trying to screw over anyone, KK and Horvat could be interchangeable between lines. The Staal line has been a checking line with minimal offense for most of this year but they're typically always slotted in as the 3rd line with defensive assignments (especially when line matchups are in CARs favor at home) which is why they're listed above the "4th line" with Turbo even though the 4th line, whether Horvat or KK is centering, is not an actual 4th line but more like another 2nd. The main point of the trade would be to solidify the team up the middle, not saying any of the current centers are playing badly cause they're not, everyone's done their job and been accountable to date, this is more of a move that could be made as the grind of the season starts to set in and certain players in all likelihood have their play drop off a bit, it would bolster the scoring throughout an already very deep lineup a bit more to create more options for Rod as the playoffs start up and give the team the best players possible under the cap since they have this window of opportunity to make deep playoff runs.
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