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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>User123409871234</b></div><div>To say they aren't Cap compliant after this trade is a rather large oversight with a $2M D man as a scratch - they could easily move Merrill and call up an AHL defender to be the scratch, also if they aren't making a push for the cup why would they resign Fleury and why would he resign here? He just wanted to play out his last couple years in the league on a team that isn't going for it? Nylander has another year after this one as well, which, the Wild will lose both Dumba and Jost, so all you are really doing is trading Greenway for Nylander in this deal, where there are currently 14 different forwards which would not at all be surprising to see them make the roster out of camp.</div></div>

There's a big difference between being a good team with a chance to contend and pushing all in to go for the cup right now. We aren't going to be going all in for a cup until after cap hell is over. Until then, we'll put a very competitive team out there with a chance to contend, but the window isn't truly open yet IMO.

As for Nylander having another year, I understand that. Realistically though, we aren't going to keep him until next year's deadline then trade him and we wouldn't want a player with as much value as he'd have walking for nothing after his contract. Since we can't afford to extend him, we'd most likely have to move him after this season when he still has 1 year left and we can get value back instead of letting him inevitably walk as a UFA. The comment I made about having term meant having enough term where he'd be here past cap hell and into our cup window and/or when we could afford to possibly re-sign him if we want. Trading for a ~$7 million player whose contract ends during the peak of the buyouts and would be due a raise is basically just trading for a rental.

<a href="/users/Gopherit" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Gopherit</a> covered what would be most of my other comments in response to your previous post. I will add that "they could easily make other trades to make the cap work" posts are the laziest things on here and annoy the hell out of me. You're the one that made the post. You can't act like it was my oversight to put the team over the cap with Goligoski in the press box. The roster you constructed has -$382,620 in cap space which means the team isn't cap compliant. That was 100% your decision, not mine.
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