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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gordfish</b></div><div>I do think Carolina is the front runner for Bo, the fit is too perfect. I just can't see the Canucks taking Kotkaniemi's contract back in the deal. The term is crazy. Sure, he's 22, but if he's a third line center? With the Canucks already pressed against the cap? That's a lot of money for a third liner, for a long, long time. Right now I'm thinking the Canes want to talk to Bo about an extension, but the Canucks won't agree to do that unless Necas is part of the return. Both are waiting for the other side to blink.

I am ALL for playing hardball for our assets, but this isn't the Eichel situation where management can hold out for years if they want. They have a month before Horvat is gone for nothing. Maybe they land on Jarvis?

After Carolina, I'd rank Nashville as the next most likely to get him, no matter what the Preds fans on here might think. Nashville aren't in a position to rebuild and they need something to give them a shot at getting a run or three out their current group. I think Glass would certainly get the conversation started. It may end up being only a rental deal, but Poile's running out of options.

I'd put New Jersey comfortably in third. They apparently have interest, and they certainly have the assets. I think Meier might be the better play for them, but I could see the Devils stepping up their offer in a hurry if they get outbid for Meier.

I can't see Detroit coming out of their boots at this point, although I see them at the top of the list if he reaches UFA.

Boston, Colorado, Seattle, I just don't see the pieces there. If the Avs and Krakkers are talking Byram or Wright, sure...but I don't see it. People always like to throw the Rangers in when big pieces are in play, and stranger things have happened. But I think they have their sights set on Kane, either at the TDL or in July, and I can't see them making a big offer for Bo as a rental.

Buffalo and Dallas could be dark horses here, IMO.</div></div>

Canes should hang up immediately if Necas is even mentioned for Horvat
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