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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gdli</b></div><div>If the objective is to go for it in 22-23, I agree. In the words of Denholm Elliot who played the Butler in the 80s movie TRADING PLACES starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Ackroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis "Cracked Crab of Lobster, Can't We do Both." If you also want to retain either or both of them in the out years, the math doesn't work. I tried a KANE-TOEWS-CAT scenario for a boatload of NYRs in return, some who would have had to waive NMCs and NTCs. Assuming the Rangers given in return were acceptable (I did not post this one), the finances worked for the Hawks. an additional sweetener to keep the rebuild going was an additional $10.5M to spend in 23-24. On the Ranger side of this blockbuster, everything looked good TOEW and KANE back at $7.5-$8M for 3-4 years, but collapsed when the NYR couldn't afford cat for the long term. Even if you removed the CAT (I tried that too, the finances would not work in in any scenario for either one of both of them.</div></div>

If I were the NYR I'd treat it like a 1 year rental scenario. Kaner's still elite and Toews is still a good center. Kubalik was Toews most common linemate which he's a nice player but very far from actually playing with a guy like Kane or Panarin. Heck Toews is amazing at the dot...maybe put him between the two.

Anyway as far a finances go, another team will need to step in for cap purposes, BUT both Toews/Kane got their signing bonus on July 1st. So they're each only owed $2.9M in cash. What that means is a team like BUF/ANA/NJD/etc... would need to pay in cash a whopping $1.45M to retain on BOTH Toews/Kane combined. That's not a ton of cash and you could get two different teams so it's only $745k.

As far as trade return. I know Kaapo was a high draft pick, but in this hypothetical scenario...he can't play a top 6 role because he and Kaner play the same position. He's not going to get the proper development he needs to succeed. I think he should be the biggest piece of the trade. The Hawks will log a bazillion minutes for him.
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