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28 jui 2015
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Canes and Yotes are tied for my 2nd favorite teams. I lived in AZ and NC for a bit. Both tremendously fun places.
Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 1:39 pm
We have a different opinion on Subban starting....which is 100% A-OK! I would have started him last game because Subban's previous game was a shutout. I want to be able to reward players for good performances with more ice time. If you're a Dman like Boqvist/Mitchell/Beaudin/Kalynuk...you want more ice time if you play well and should understand that if you don't play well...you get sent to Rockford. Same with the forwards and I would prefer a consistent message for our goalies. With that said...I understand games against NSH are huge games and I understand why Lankinen was put in net, but if your philosophy is good play get rewarded...Stan missed an opportunity to put his money where his mouth is.

IMO, Stillman can sit. I know it hasn't been enough games to get a true reading on him for future seasons, but I've seen enough to say...Let's give him an entire training camp to get familiar with the system and not waste any more opportunities for other Dprospects that already know the system. He can sit for the rest of the year IMO. Keith on the other hand…I still want him to be an on ice mentor. He doesn't need to play 25 ATOI anymore. Just help teach the Dman next to you. To me, this is proper player development.

Same with Hardman. I don't want to see him for 1 single game in the NHL. He doesn't know the system at all. The rest of the guys that have been back and forth...they should get the NHL ice time. Send Hardman to Rockford and allow King to teach him the system before he gets to play with the Hawks.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:16 am