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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>the NHLPA has a big part of the cap, they have the ability to inflate it based on their escrow amount. Right there just shows a major flaw in your thinking. Its not a 1 person dance with a CBO.

Its not happening, the CBO really is just a wet dream for cap strapped teams, I get it youre a hawks fan and you hope this happens to get out of that contract. But the league is not going to allow this and neither is the NHLPA.

The CBA is expiring in September 2020, they arent goign to amend it for a buyout now right before they need to extend it, they allow this CBA to run its course, and they will do whatever they have to do in the next one for the offseason of 2021 to deal with cap issues if anything</div></div>

BOTH the NHLPA and NHL owners agreed to not opt out. So...Not sure what you're talking about with the expiring CBA... That decision was made on September 1st 2019. So it's 2022. That's why an amendment is needed in the 1st place. AND the NHL gets the last say in the Cap Ceiling.

<a href="https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/9/16/20869079/nhl-nhlpa-collective-bargaining-agreement" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">https://chicago.suntimes.com/2019/9/16/20869079/nhl-nhlpa-collective-bargaining-agreement</a>
<a href="https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2019/09/16/nhl-players-stay-with-cba-labor-peace-set-to-at-least-2022/40158611/" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2019/09/16/nhl-players-stay-with-cba-labor-peace-set-to-at-least-2022/40158611/</a>

If you're opinion is that it won't happen. That's fine. It's just like to use facts and talk about how these things would affect each side. The FACT is...it's really is a win win. No team planned for this. AND if Sakic played his cards right...I would think COL could be the biggest winner of all. Melnyk isn't CBOing anyone. Not ever and certainly not Bobby Ryan. That's $9M he won't have to spend on Bobby Ryan AND AN ADDITIONAL $14.5M to replace his cap hit. This isn't an insurance policy like Callahan. COL is one of the FEW teams that doesn't really have any buyout candidates. I'd be willing to be ALOT that OTT would send over Shane Pinto and one of their 12,000 picks for COL to Pay $9M over 4 years and it would have zero affect on COL's cap too.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>Something called the CBA, thats stopping them
You think you are goign to get the NHLPA to accept an emergency amendment to the CBA that only benefits the owners and not the players. There is nothing in it from the players side...guys get bought out and pushed out of the game to be replaced by younger ELC guys and would not give a team any time to player scout a bought out player to see if they would like to sign them for a cheaper contract giving them a 2nd chance. Nothing benefits the NHLPA here, so they wont agree to it.

Only way I can see them allowing this to happen is if they get something significant in the CBA they are negotiating, do they get the Olympics bc they agreed to a CBO....Owners and League have to pony something up for them to agree to it

People are really over estimating the cap situation bc of pandemic. The seasons isnt cancelled, it will resume at some point in time. Empty arena games (to begin with, they will eventually be allowed to have people attend) do not impact the league revenue dramatically, will impacts some playoff team owners or city revenue based on their lease agreements with their respective arenas. Games are still going to be broadcast on TV when they resume, NHL will still make money in a restart season.

The cap may flat line, wont drop dramatically 6m based on where its at now</div></div>

Except there's a larger benefit to the players than the owners...and it's not even close too. The owners aren't looking to pay extra money out of charity...which is what would happen. Take just about ANY player. Seabrook is likely the single most egregious example...he's owed $20.5M over the next 4 years. 40% is his drop...so $8M is his loss. He'll likely be able to get a lot of that back because he's a UFA. He can get $2M per. BUT the real kicker is that the NHLPA needs to fight for all players....Hall, Pietrangelo, Krug...not just Seabrook. SO, from the NHLPA point of view...the players in general just got an extra $6.875M * 4 = $27.5M. That's how the NHLPA would look at this. They've going to take an OVERALL viewpoint...that the NHL players will gain money in the aggregate by this move.

Also, the NHLPA knows that they have zero ability to move the cap up/down. That's based on revenue…so, they only have one option to better their clients position. They're going to advocate for this. It's the OWNERS that don't like CBOs. Owners like Melnyk have been vocal about being against CBOs. Why? Because the players win anytime a CBO is offered. It's free money.

Let's go back to the OTHER players like Pietrangelo, or even more important...they guys like Scandella or Hainsey. They're no more OR LESS important to the NHLPA than Seabrook. The likelihood that Pietrangelo gets his true value are ZERO. The likelihood that Scandella or Hainsey play in the NHL next year...hard to see that happening.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Lol, now there’s a response. First, it’s hatter, not hater, as in “mad as a,” ya get it. Are you sure your not a bowman burner account?

One goal is fine, that’s completely fine. But what’s Stan doing to get us to the cup? Never mind the playoffs by your logic. We don’t need you? How many people do you actually think are for keeping bowman and the rest of em? Just go ahead and say you don’t need us. I’ll not blind to the cups, this team is missing even the playoffs, just the playoffs, year after year with toews and Kane thriving! What obvious are you even pointing out?! I’m not blaming either one of the superstars for the state of the team.

Hate everything, F anything else? You are actually trying to tell people the penguins don’t have an excellent franchise after making 13 straight years of playoffs and three cups, two back to back. Who the hell is delusional?! I’ll be a hawks fan, but I’m a god damn realist. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PENGUINS. Luckiest franchise in history to get lemieux and Crosby to save their franchise. Doesn’t change their last 13 years. Jesus Christ, you find more ways to justify missing the playoffs than anyone I’ve ever seen. Actually, check that, you actually justify it by saying their goal is the cup. ONE GOAL!

You finally made me snap on this one. Exo, you know what, you can say I hate (hater, not hatter) everything. I love this team and have seen them through those dark ages. Even if this is going into a new one, I’m still here. I don’t fans like you telling me I’m delusional. I respect your opinion, I really do, and I love that you have such monumental dedication to the team. You and I just have different expectations for the team in the present and the future. I don’t need to love every player (bickell being the biggest example). But I’m done trying to question what exactly your logic is on bowman, cuz I won’t get it. I respect it though. Now, as you told me, please, go watch some hockey. However, I say watch and enjoy. Hockey is for everyone and you opinion on it is no less valid than anyone else’s.


You dont respect other opinions at all. You call my opinion blind faith in 3 different comments...on this post alone. I believe coaching coursels kill franchises. They do in every sport. If GG became our coach...I wouldn't be mad, but I'm not calling for heads.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>I hate to keep going back to this, but bowman, quite simply, just hasn’t got this team back to the playoffs. He’s made a bad round of trades over three years, signed terrible contracts that doom the hawks to the will of the cap (summer 2018), and put an inexperienced fall guy behind the bench to blame any lack of success on.

Panarin could have, and definitely wanted to, stay. He constantly says that to anyone whenever the subject of Chicago is brought up to him. There’s no reason for him to lie about it. That trade is probably the worst in team history. There isn’t a single argument to be made about it anymore. Solid player vs. MVP candidate. Solid vs. MVP. Top six vs. ELITE. Cap excuses are simply that, excuses. You build your cap around panarin, you don’t fix it by trading him. Bowman had two years to figure out how to do that, but we all Bowman isn’t the caliber of GM able to pull that off. Then you throw in the nylander trade and nothing makes sense with this guy anymore. Nothing he’s done in the past three years moves the needle. Same with Dach, a 2C tops forced into future 1C time cuz Bowman was desperate. Fansided (what a joke that site is), keeps saying “Dach, boqvist, kubalik, debrincat, and strome will win a cup with the hawks, it’s just be nice if they did it soon.” Kick rocks! This group isn’t even close to a cup, especially with management run the way it is. There’s no accountability!!!! What has stan done lately? Has he gotten us to the playoffs? Has he gotten us total cap control back? No and no.

Exo, you have got to be the greatest and most blindly faithful hawks fan I’ve had the pleasure to debate with. You are through and through a fan who cares about the team no matter the state it’s in. However, I’m the kind of fan who always holds the team to a standard. They were the best of the best 2009-2015. Then, they didn’t adapt. They signed “loyalty” contracts, made **** trades because it was fun to get the band back together, and by then, it was all too late.

I’m not excited for the future of this franchise. Once toews and Kane are gone (more Kane actually), were just like Pittsburgh. At least Pittsburgh has always made the playoffs. None of the young guys on this team, even in five years, are enough to move the needle. I like boqvist, Mitchell, and cat, but come on, be realistic. As I said before though, knowing bowman, these guys won’t be here long. Trade Dach for Alex newhook Stan, then you got my attention.</div></div>

You're delusional my friend. 100% prisoner of the moment. "ONE GOAL" isnt making the playoffs. Its winning the cup. Go be a PIT fan. We dont need you. I'm honestly just tired on pointing out the obvious to you. You're name is 100% true. Hater all the way. F anyting else. I think you're actually Jay Mariotti who literally hates everything Chicago regardless of how many cups they won. You're trying to convince people 2 + 2 =5. Panarin wasn't taking...TWELVE AND A HALF MILLION less to stay with the Hawks. Kirby Dach is all I have to say. Go watch hockey.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>I am very sorry, in advance, for this response.

Respectfully, I can’t get my head the faith anymore. I love this team but it is absolutely a what have you done for me lately league. Bowman didn’t win us a cup in 2010, and all he did was add depth for 2013 and 2015. His accomplishments are a result of him sitting on the shoulders of people before him and calling himself tall.

Ya know what’s funny when people bring up Pittsburgh? They really don’t realize how better off they are than us in this moment. They haven’t missed playoffs since 2006! 2006!!!!!! Yet, people defend Bowman’s stupidity by saying, “Pittsburgh is screwed in five years?” Hey! At least they’ve never missed the playoffs since 2006! 3 cups!!! Same as hawks!!! Pittsburgh, with all intents and purposes, are far better than the hawks have been. Crosby and malkin always get to the playoffs. Why can’t Kane and toews? Are Kane and toews that much worse than Crosby and malkin? I mean, well, I have my opinion, I’ll say that. Or is it the team around Crosby and malkin? Well if that’s the case, good job JR. Stan Bowman is a joke compared to you. So bringing up Pittsburgh when they haven’t even declined yet is really not a good start.

One other thing, people gotta stop bringing up bowman apparently getting assets for players he got for free. That is getting to be the worst argument people can make for bowman. Why? Because the jackass still throws them away anyway. Panarin? Free player. Joki? Free player. Lehner? Free player. Tons more!!! Every one of them, traded for less than their worth! That’s how bad bowman is. He can’t even get a good return for these guys. But hey, it’s okay right? He got them for free right? Hey, here’s a thought. We got kubalik for a 5th, and dach and boqvist in the draft. Let’s trade all three of them and get three first round picks back. Supposedly future of the franchise players (save for Dach’s pansy ass), but hey, we got them for free. WIN WIN RIGHT?!?!

Bowman has wasted three years of prime and fans dedication. Exo, I respect your faith (be it blind or legit) in this guy, but I don’t know if anyone else can buy it anymore. This mess of a team, from player choices to coaching and personnel, are all on him. I feel bad for this fan base for having to deal with after years of success and setting a standard. People who say be happy with 3 cups can go to hell. I don’t need more cups, I need my team to have a direction that doesn’t steer into mediocrity.</div></div>

I totally appreciate the convo and do believe you knowledgeable Hawks fan. We just disagree on things is all. I do 100% believe getting assets for free is like having extra draft picks and is huge. These guys get to choose their destination and they choose Chicago. I really do believe that it's the culture created here. CHI didn't have to play Panarin on the 82nd game and it would have saved Bowman millions in cap due to his bonuses. But they did the right thing. Players see that stuff. If you're coming to the NHL and teams are willing to hand out Max bonuses....The Hawks have proven they'll let you get it if you're good enough.

Staying on Panarin. As much as I like him... "That's business baby" ~Artemi Panarin. He was never staying in CHI. People can talk ifs and butts all they want, but if anyone thinks he was actually going to sign for millions less (per year!) than the NYR offer...they're completely delusional. Could they have traded him away for something else? Ok maybe, I'm listening. There are always other options. We will unfortunately never know. It's kinda like the rumor that went around that CAR was willing to offer the 1st and Bean for Lehner and Gus. I VERY much doubt that's true...because it would have happened if it were. But we will never know for sure.

I would have fired John McDonough instead of Q, but that's me. There's more to upper management than Bowman.

And while Toews is my favorite player because of his style of play...Crosby is a real generational player. They're not really comparable anymore.