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Canes and Yotes are tied for my 2nd favorite teams. I lived in AZ and NC for a bit. Both tremendously fun places.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Okay, I definitely get your feeling on kurashev, and it’s very fair. I’m all about giving prospects and youngsters the time they deserve to make their way in the NHL. However, here’s a big theory I have on prospects: I don’t care what round or what number you are picked at, you put in the work, you get your chances. Kurashev fits that criteria in my mind, even more than Hagel! Most importantly though, if pushing kurashev too far too fast is an issue, then I’d argue that Dach shouldn’t be in the top 6 either. His first two years have been so so and realistically the only reason he’s propped up as he is is because of his draft spot. I’m not throwing shade, I just wanna see every prospect, regardless of draft position, earn what they get. Kurashev, without exception, is the best of the lot in my opinion in terms of the work put in.</div></div>

Yeah, I hear ya on Dach too. I would have kept in the WHL one more year. Stan didn't. I know Dach hasn't put up tremendous point totals, but in my mind he's worked the boards REALLY well. Better than a lot of veterans. When it comes to maneuvering the puck and keeping possession...I do see shades of Hossa there. He 100% needs ice time. Fluke Injury, yeah. Sucks for everyone involved.

I'm a bit torn on "draft status" because 99.9% of the time...I do agree with you. I think things get a bit murkier when you're a top 10 pick. Take out the name Dach and insert Strome (or anyone). I do think AZ messed up his development with the back and forth OHL, NHL, OHL, AHL, NHL...etc... To a degree, I think CHI is doing the same with the center to wing constant transitioning. When you're a top 10've been selected because you're ceiling is supposed to be "elite". You need elite players to win cups. Of course the Nail Yakupov's of the world exist...AND the Mark Stone's of the world do too. So it's not just top 10 picks that become elite. It's just that it's more likely to be the case.
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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 22 heures
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I like having this conversation. I'm not talking about Pre season. That's the reason I keep saying Day 2 of the season. Let's try this from a different angle. Tampa Bay!

A.) How do you think they will be cap compliant when the season starts with Seabs contract?
B.) After the season starts, what would happen if someone (like Palat) got hurt? AND was officially out for the season.

The answers are for
A.) exactly what you're suggesting for Seabs. He'll be LTIR and TBLs cap hit drops by $6.875M and they'll be compliant. It's why everyone is suggesting they crushed the TJ - Seabs trade. No LTIR bucket.

B.) If Palat gets hurt during the season then the standard LTIR "Event A and Event B" occur. TBL will first send him the LTIR "Event A" and secondly recall or trade for someone else "Event B".

These two example have different results. The reason they're different is because of the exact thing you brought up initially. Cap accrues on a daily basis....once the season starts. It's not accruing right now. There were 116 days to the NHL last season. You need to start the clock...and then once it's started each day the daily cap amount adjusts.

So what I'm proposing...fits in category B above. It's after the season starts. It's not in the summer. There's a reason Shaw will stay on IR vs LTIR until after the season starts...Like Horton in 2017 and 2019. Bundle the "first" and "secondly" parts together. In the LTIR example by Cap Friendly...there will be $900k in ADDITIONAL relief. $3.9M - $3M = $900k.
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