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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>2nd + Thomson is way too much to "dump" a player that shouldn't even a cap dump. Dorion would be dumb to do that (it makes a lot more sense to trade either Kubalik or Brannstrom)

Thomson is NHL ready and seems quite improved. Joseph was a monster last night. And with the way he destroyed the QC 3v3 league this summer (25 goals in 7 games in a league where Letang, Suzuki, Dubois, Perron, etc play), the guy is hungry to prove people wrong.</div></div>

I'll just address the comment to mine. I'm not suggesting Dorion should do the trade. I'm simply stating that there's an order of importance. Us talking on Capfriendly has less importance than what a GM says, BUT IMO what a GM says also has less importance that what a GM's actually done. I guess that's an opinion, but "talk is cheap" / "Actions speak louder than words" / etc... Lots of sayings follow that logic.

Dorion should explore a Kubalik/Brannstrom trade. Hawks aren't interested. We're looking to capitalize on other team's mistakes. Dorion's overextended himself...Hawks are looking to make him pay for his mistake. Nothing wrong with that. It's not personal. It's business. We each need to say yes to a trade, so we'll dictate our terms or you can go somewhere else. That's perfectly fine and I hope for your sake you do go somewhere else. Let us know when no one else shows up. That's how we got Zaitsev/Bailey/Hall/Dickinson/TJ/etc... Tons of examples. We're here waiting...out terms haven't changed. My comments fall on track record. Others on here looking for that 1st are because Kyle Davidson has specifically said that any contract dump with a 3rd year of term is detrimental to his plans going forward. AKA...his words saying he doesn't want any 3 year dumps. So, they're suggesting that what Kyle Davidson would ask for his higher than what he's done in the past.

As for Joseph. I agree he played well last night. I'd be willing to take him on...if you meet OUR demands. I honestly didn't know about his men's league stats. I don't care who's in his men's league. Could you imagine if us Hawks fans started saying Bedard's going to score 164 goals just because his 1 scrimmage he scored 2 goals??? We don't say that because that's insane. Kinda like quoting stats from a summer men's league that means literally nothing. It's not's not's literally nothing.
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