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28 juill. 2015
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Canes and Yotes are tied for my 2nd favorite teams. I lived in AZ and NC for a bit. Both tremendously fun places.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Penguins_Legend_Sheary</b></div><div>Thanks for the feedback. So just to confirm, you don't believe Strome's struggles are due to his weak effort and attitude?</div></div>

So it's the chicken and egg to most, but there really is a start imo. As someone who has followed this saga through it all...I believe it starts is with management. He's a center. He came to the Hawks and scored 51 points in 58 games...as a center. The reason Stan traded for him was because the Hawks were short center depth. So Schmaltz for Strome looked good. THEN we win the lottery and get Dach. That's no one's fault. In fact a good thing! We can debate until the cows come home about Dach vs Byram. Let's just leave that be for now. NOW the Hawks deepest positions are center and LD. So, they try Strome at wing. He struggled. He never played wing. Then he gets injured at wing and sits. He TECHNICALLY still scored roughly at the 51pt in 58 game pace that bubble year...when he was a center, but management still said no. Even this spring training. Jeremy Coliton and Stan sent him down to the prospects side of scrimmages vs the Pros when he played center. They never once let him attempt to be a #2C. It was Tyler Johnson and Toews. Strome is NOT a 2-way center. That's not a slight. It's just knowing who you are. He's a Power Play offensive dynamic player. It's ironicly exactly what the Hawks lack right now, BUT YET AGAIN. He can't even get ice time. It's actually quite embarrassing.
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