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22 mai 1997
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dzinger18</b></div><div>I 100% agree with you, but this is the last edition. Barrie may cost more and we have the cap to pay that if he does. I already have Hoffman too by the way. The point of getting Oleksiak was to make an ultimate physical bottom par, and I think Martinez would cost more than 3 mil (maybe 5 mil). This is what I think of each of the lines:

Svech-Aho-Turbo (The ultimate passing , playmaking, and scoring line. Makes for some great hockey. You can now put all of your eggs in the same basket because of the strong depth we now have.)

Hoffman-Troch-Necas (Speed and scoring. Trocheck can have some grit, a great netfront presence, and a deadly shot. Hoffman is known for scoring goals and has been the "finisher" on most of his previous teams. Necas has the speed and energy for this line. He has insane puck handling ability that he combines with his speed to become an all around amazing player.

Nino-Staal-Coleman (Very good checking line. Coleman with the puck handling, Staal with the netfront,and Nino as the scorer. All 3 have a bit of grit and bite to their games too.)

Marty-Lory-Quickie (All around great energy. This is really just a different look to the "energy" line from last season.)

Slavin-Barrie (Same thing as Slavin-Hamilton. One more offensive guy and a more defensive guy. Both are outstanding hockey players and will likely get lots of minutes.)

Bean-Pesce (High-flying offensive pairing, while Pesce can still cover for Beans mistakes. I think Bean can improve tremendously playing with Pesce too.)

Oleksiak-Hakanpaa (Probably the best physical defensive pairing in hockey. Two huge guys who love to play the body and have a good defensive mind.)

Ned (Obvious pick for starter. He'll get more experience under his belt and can become fully adapted to the NHL.)

Halak (Veteran with more experience to give Ned rest. Maybe he can mentor him a bit too.)</div></div>

Yeah i pretty much agree with all of that. I guess my biggest concern is that im not sure Bean is ready to play on the 2nd pair. If you go with Oleksiak over Martinez, it forces bean to play in the top 4. I still think bean is a year or 2 away from that