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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Azura0055</b></div><div>The Columbus-Sabres trade is interesting.

Even rebuilding teams need players, and having a very good goalie can be very important. Player development is tough in the NHL, it involves letting players make mistakes that lead to goals. Too many of those, not only loses, but bad habits and morale issues become a concern. Great goaltending can help reduce that.

I don’t think Merz is getting dealt.

The #5 pick. There is a misconception that this is a ‘bad’ draft. Normal considering half the players haven’t played much, and scouting has been a mess due to more important concerns. That said, there are some very good prospects. The top 5-7 picks likely have top line/top pairing grades for most teams. Most of these players are D or C, the two positions Columbus happens to be weakest at. If Columbus shares that view (I think they do), the #5 pick has the potential to net a #1C or top pair D. To give that up at the start of a rebuild is very risky, it’s almost impossible to trade for those assets, and even signing them is next to impossible. I’m not considering ANY prospect in this draft to be generational talent, but there aren’t more than about 10 of those playing at any given time in the NHL.

Reinhert is a 2C on a 2C contract, zero surplus value. Risto is an offensive defence-man paid to be top 4, but struggles to deliver top 4 performance because of issues in the neutral and defensive zone. He’s a luxury on a contender with excess cap space, not a core top 4D on any contending or rebuilding team.

Based that, I think that even Reinhert and Risto wouldn’t be enough for the #5 pick.</div></div>

Clearly Columbus looks to move Risto at the deadline unless things go very well as do the Sabres with Merzlikins. Both are expiring UFA contracts and I am not sure about Elvis but Risto will definitely sacrifice dollars for a better opportunity to win. This may not be the right move for Columbus if they are planning a long rebuild but if they are looking to move futures to bring in an impact player now they likely will not do any better than Reinhart
Forum: Armchair-GM27 jun à 11 h 56
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dopplsan</b></div><div>Team is rebuilding; sure, some interest in Reinhart, but you’re talking about a guy who is going to maximize production during the next several years - a period when the team around him is likely to be bad. Yes he is likely to be better than whoever is drafted at #5, but that’s also largely because he is 10 years older than whoever is going to be drafted at #5.

And the whole “Bad Players Have Been Drafted #5” argument doesn’t do much - Petersson, Hanifin, Lindholm, are also recent #5 picks. If the prospect picked there turns out to be as good as them, then awesome.

Plus, saying “he can be your 1C until you find someone better” avoids an important point - the “someone better” is likely going to be obtained via the draft, since we all know elite 1C’s otherwise hit the FA market all the time. So, not exactly going to be wanting to part with high picks.

Same principal applies to Risto, a “meh” player who I hear BUF is interested in dumping more than anything. CBJ already have younger D-Men who are going to want/need development time.

Pilut is signed in the KHL next season, and his Reserve Rights are going to expire in two years; so, if he doesn’t want to play for CBJ, he could just sit in the KHL for another year.

Elvis is a bright point on this team - a very good player who has talked about how much he wants to be here and re-sign. He’s not going anywhere absent a monster package.</div></div>

I mentioned Pettersson being better. Reinhart is better than Hanafin even tough it is tough comparing D to a forward. Lindholm is on par with Reinhart. Reinhart is only 7 years older than who you would raft at 5. You are not drafting 15 year olds. The only centers worthy of top 5 consideration this year are talked about as being good 2Cs or a low end 1 C if they hit their ceiling. Beniers who will be gone by 5, Mctavish, Eklund (also likely gone at 5) and Johnson who projects more to the wing. Pilut has an out clause to accept an nhl deal and only left because the Sabres buried him behind lesser players and he saw no path towards playing. Merzlikins may want to stay and perhaps CBJ need to add an a forward prospect Foudy or Texier. Not sure why Columbus would want to hand out a big contract to a goalie while going through a long rebuild
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