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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Thanks for your feedback.
You are correct if they were all multiyear contracts, but I gave them all one year deals.
Ullmark and Olofsson are due raises, with the flat cap and one year deals I think my guesses are close for one year contracts.
I did that so I could have some cap room.
The team will face cap problems next year with Dahlin, Jokiharju and Hall, but Ryan ($3,125,000), Rittich ($2,750,000), McCabe ($2,850,000), Staal ($3,250,000) and Montour ($3,850,000) all come off ($15,825,000).
The cap penalty $1,487,500 is included under the "OVERAGES".
My point is the trade would be a home run helping two weak positions.
It is a gamble that Skinner and Ryan could revive their chemistry, all trades are gambles.

I was only demonstrating that the trade is possible and helps the team.
BTW all of the expiring UFA's could be traded at the TDL If Mittelstadt, UPL, Samuelsson, Cozens, and Borgen are determined to be ready.</div></div>

When players go to arbitration their awards aren't based upon term just AAV for their comparables. Most recent comp for Ullmark is Gieorgiev at 2.425 and Korpisaalo at 2.8. For Oloffson it is Kubalik at 3.7 and Amdreas Johnsson at 3.4. Reinhart is a little more wide ranging with Domi at 5.25 and Dylan Larkin at 6.1. These were all player elected arbitration so the team has the option to take the deal for 1 or 2 years at the award amount or if the team declines the player becomes a free agent. On the second point I can see Borgen being ready right now and maybe Middleatadt by mid season but he is a big maybe. As far as Samuelsson I think he needs at least 1 full year in the ahl. He was good in college but not dominant. UPL was not ready even for the AHL last year so expecting him to be better than that league in half of a season I think is another big stretch
He probably needs 1 - 2 full seasons in the AHL still before he is ready
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