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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SimonSelaars3</b></div><div>I wouldn’t be against it but I think there will be better options than Eichel at that point. Matthews might walk from Toronto, Pasta might walk from Boston, Aho might walk from Carolina, Draisaitl might walk from Edmonton. I think the 24-25 season or 25-26 season is the time for Guerin to go big in free agency or the trade market to acquire an elite 1C or elite right handed winger. I actually think the 2025-2026 season will be the start of our cup window rather than a cup or bust year with guys like Wallstedt, Rossi, Boldy, Yurov, Faber, Lambos, Ohgren, Khusnutdinov, and others fully establishing themselves into the NHL. If you can add a player like Matthews, Aho, or Draisaitl to that core, they legitimately could be a wagon. And that’s not even mentioning the vets that will likely still be on the team like Brodin, EK, Spurgeon, and Hartman. If that isn’t enough to convince Kaprizov to re-sign, I don’t know what is.

Also, whoever our 2023 1st round draft pick is will hopefully be on the team by that time, which could be huge given how deep this upcoming draft is.</div></div>

Oh yeah, there's a million and one possibilities that may or may not be better. It's 4 years away, so it's complete and reckless speculation. The whole point of the Eichel theory is that there'd be layers of interesting little connections and nuggets that resurface years later and sorta come full circle. I mean, shortly after he moved to Vegas, he went on camera and stated, "for awhile I thought it might be Minnesota...". Little tie-ins like that.

Certainly would rather have Matthews or Drai, but that's more of a no-brainer and doesn't really have that same poetic nature to it.

It's just a fun little fan theory I have, not an actual suggestion on what the team should plan for.
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