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Forum: Armchair-GM16 sep 2019 à 21 h 39
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeygoalie53</b></div><div>Leddy hasn't "regressed" over the last 2 seasons... 2 years ago under Weight, the Isles were an offense first team leaving to high offensive numbers and really bad D numbers team wide. Last season under Trotz, they were D first and offense second resulting in MUCH better Defensive numbers across the board and down offensive numbers across the board. Hence the Isles 2 years ago were the WORST defensive team in the league and last year they were the BEST defensive team in the league.

Leddy follows the same path... 2 years ago his offensive numbers were there (40+ points), but his -42 was atrocious. Last season his offense dropped (26 points) but his plus/minus dropped to 0... I'd hardly say any of this hints at a regression for him. With a year of Trotz' system under them, I expect most Islanders to be more of a middle ground between the offensive year under weight and the defensive year under Trotz.

As for Dobson, both Lou and Trotz have said he has a REAL shot at making the team this season... basically, if the kid shows he can handle himself in the NHL during training camp and the 9 game look he's on the team. He nearly made the team out of camp last year, so unless he really craps the bed in training camp I can't see them sending him back to Juniors. If he was AHL eligible, absolutely, but not juniors.</div></div>

Yes he has. His corsi numbers at even strength were the worst of any of the isles defensemen. You really think Leddy is the same player as he was the first 2 seasons he played with us? He's definitely still a useful player as a zone entry machine and can put up offensive numbers, maybe playing him on the third pair helps him out a bit. We can either trade him this year or wait until next offseason when we need to shed the cap.

You're also incorrect about Lou speaking on Dobson. "I think what he has to do is simply what he has been doing, just keep growing as a player, keep growing as a person, which I'm extremely impressed with. He's a quality individual. He'll have as good a chance as anybody and will be given every opportunity."

That's not him saying he has a REAL shot. He might get the 9 game look, but why keep him up all year if he won't get a decent amount of games.