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12 oct 2016
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Sujet: Ducks fans
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>doublem24</b></div><div>I was curious where Comtois sat with Ducks fans.

From an outsiders view, it's hard for me to solve between the outlooks of Comtois, Steel, Tracey and Jones. Zegras and Drysdale are the standouts and the other 4 hover around the same spot in my brain... mind you, it's with a very macro perspective.

The Guentzal comparison is really interesting, I never thought of that. I perceived Comtois as a heavier, less cerebral player, but I think it's a totally valid take.

I'd love for Pitt to target Max Jones... what do you think the price for him is? I remember talking with you before about which pieces Anaheim would be looking to acquire from Pitt, I don't think they add up well as Pitt doesn't have much that would move the needle for the Ducks.</div></div>

I think that the general consensus is that Comtois is ahead of all of our young players and prospects at LW. Max Jones appears to be developing well, and Dan Heinen might do so, too, if he gets enough playing time, but Sonny Milano's career has been derailed by his injury this year and we haven't seen anything of Brayden Tracey yet. The GC is also that Sam Steel might be another Casey Mittelstadt, with the consolation that he wasn't taken as high in the draft. The jury is still out on Troy Terry, too, but I think that we'll protect him in the expansion draft.

As you point out, our two teams are poor trade partners because of your three best prospects, two of them (Poulin and Joseph) are lefties and thus redundant of our needs, so the only Penguin assets in whom we might be interested are Nathan Legare and your 2022 first-round draft pick.
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