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Here's my picks with my reasoning in order of how much of a lock I think they are. Tried to put emphasis on players who are having a particularly good season this year, so someone like Draisaitl who is a top 12 player in the league, but his team is already represented in the top 12 and he's not having a great season to his standards, I have exluded. It would surprise me if he was in the event anyways, but this how I would do it personally.

1. McDavid- Obviously, it was his idea
2. Matthews- Gotta have home town rep
3. Quinn Hughes- Multiple narrative reasons
4. Jack Hughes- brother vs brother
5. Makar- Cale vs Quinn narrative for top defenseman
6. Kucherov- current points leader
7. Bedard- have to market him, can do Connor vs Connor or young vs old with Crosby
8. Crosby- "is Sydney Crosby still good?" has been making this league money for years now, why stop now

Those top 8 I think definitely make it, the next four are more up for debate. You could start doubling up on some teams here but I'm going to try and keep it to twelve unique teams, so sorry to MacKinnon and like half of the Vancouver Canucks who would have made it otherwise.

9. Pastrnak- they was big personalities, and Pasta's great for marketing
10. Panarin- another fun personality, gets the NY market involved
11. Eichel- representation from the previous cup champs
12. I'm gonna pencil in Kyle Connor here, I would have had him higher if I wasn't for his recent injury but idk if he'll even be healthy in time for the actual game and he definitely won't be healthy when they make the decisions on who's participating so while I don't think h'll end up going I think he deserves a mention here based on his play alone.
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