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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Spyeye</b></div><div>I don't understand what your saying. From what I've read. EJ would go on LTIR with Landy. That 13Mil now in LTIR space. Both EJ and Landy don't comeback until the playoffs. Weber is then put on LTIR and Landy comes off. That is what some sport writers are writing. What am I missing? Chychrun makes slightly more then Teows. Colorado can't resign him. How is Byram vulnerable. Make me understand? Also I'm adding 3 mil for Domi. So net net 7 mil on LTIR for Weber should off set the 7 mil I address chych and Domi.</div></div>

It’s about next year not this year that is the problem, and Webers on the books would be offseason cap hell for the avs

Players aren’t on Ltir in the offseason and a team can only exceed the upper limit by 10%. So having a dead 7.8m lingering there for a team already up against the cap that makes them extremely vulnerable for offersheets, byram and Newhook, also now limits their moves they can make bc their cap threshold to the upper limit is close to maxed out . A team comes in and gives byram a 7x7 offersheet bc he’s worth that risk. Avs can’t match or have to shed salary for nothing to match. And no they won’t just simply dump webers contract. It will cost them assets to move. Why do you think it cost the flames a 1st to move monahan, they were vulnerable cap wise

It’s how good teams get taken advantage of and start to get dismantled bc of poor cap Management

Helm is skating again and he’s not done for the season either. Weber contract kills the avs next year,
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