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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gordfish</b></div><div>Two moments that were disastrous for Benning.

One, the Juolevi pick, but not how you think. He should have taken Sergachev, who was hailed at the time as the most NHL ready defenseman in that draft. Yeah, I know, Tkachuk, Tkachuk, Tkachuk. But here we are 5 years later, and what's this team's biggest need, by a country mile? Lesson here, don't be dazzled by players on stacked teams.

Two, the Toffoli trade. And I think this was his single biggest mistake. It lead to them losing not only those assets, but Tanev and Markstrom in free agency. The smart play was move Tanev at that deadline for future returns, keep Madden and the second and then resign Markstrom. Then you sell as high as you can on the remaining potential on Gaudette and Virtanen. And you still have Demko to move. Instead he chased a single playoff run to save his job. Lesson here, when you're rebuilding, stick to the plan, no matter what.</div></div>

that Juolevi pick will always be a disaster

I disagree though with the Toffoli trade. I think the trade was good, but choosing to re-sign Virtanen and not Toffoli was the disaster.
Markstrom had to go, he got more money, more term and more protection than VAN should have offered, now we have Demko on a much better deal for the team

Tanev would only have been moved if VAN was not in the playoffs, so losing him was kind of inevitable

Gaudette for Highmore is turning out great!
Juolevi for Lamiko and Juulsen is turning out great too