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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>I feel like you just dump Armia to Seattle for Future Considerations - the Kraken taking on 3x$3.4M there is doing you a big favor.

Weber to Arizona feels like a fait accompli at this point, maybe Montreal gets something more considering the crazy savings from cap hit -&gt; actual salary that Weber's deal has.

I think the framework is good (a 1st and a bad contract actually feels weirdly fitting for a Petry trade) but I don't know if Khudobin is healthy enough to backup Price at this point.

Nashville trade is pretty much a no-go. Hoffman has minimal value as a 32 year old goal scorer who stopped scoring goals and is owed 2x$4.5M. Allen is valuable as a backup/1B in a tandem, even more so with retention, but Nashville is a bad landing spot with Juuse Saros being a 60 start goalie - I think another team will offer more for Allen on his own.

I feel like you might upgrade the picks here (2/4?) - obviously Edmonton is dumping Kassian but they're giving up a strong asset in Puljujarvi. It would make more sense for them to shop Pool Party's RFA rights on their own and dump Kassian in a separate deal instead of worsening their return with this 2 birds/1 stone approach.</div></div>

Armia: Sure
Weber: Sure
Hoffman/Allen: Imo hoffman still has a bit of value as a pp guy, but u could also look at it as montreal dumping him if u feel like allen is more valuable then that. Switch the picks up a bit if u want too.
Puljajrvi: Ya sure go ahead and upgrade the picks
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