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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AG_sweden</b></div><div>I've unlocked coaching God mode level ;)</div></div>
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Despise</b></div><div>I’m all for madness, Lafreniere as a center is madness, but in a good way… potentially.</div></div>

I would like to see experimentation so the Rangers have more players capable of moving to the middle if needed. Similar to Stutzle, we need to find a niche for Laffy's broad skill set, and it very well could be as a grit Center (not as a power forward). If the NYR are able to convert a Winger to a Center then it would obviate the need to pay a high price for a young Centerman. I do like Chytil as a Center because his speed and size down the middle is quite disruptive. Chytil looked strong on faceoffs at the beginning of the year, so I think he can do it if he prioritized it, but see Hughes/Haula and Stutzle/Giroux where the Winger is the primary faceoff guy. I like that you kept Blais on the third line because that is what he was brought in to do, so give a longer run and if he can't handle it find another solution. Your 1st and 4th lines are pretty much set going forward with Goodrow as the Floater and Brodzinski, Leschyshyn, and Rydahl more than capable to fill in for Goody if there is a need.

One possible alignment is keeping Chytil and Trocheck (as a RW which would balance us positionally) together with Trocheck handling the faceoffs. Put Laffy on a trial run as the 3rd line Center with Kravy (who also played some Center internationally).
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