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I think you did a good job, only a few things: Ill do yours with mine in () if i change it:

NHL Forwards:
D. Pastrnak: 94 High Elite (92)
B. Marchand: 91 Med Elite (92)
P. Bergeron: 88 Med Elite (91)
D. Krejci: 84 Med Top 6 (85)
C. Coyle: 83 Med Top 6 (84)
J. DeBrusk: 83 Med Top 6 (High Top 6)
O. Kase: 82 Low Top 6
S. Kuraly: 80 High Top 9
N. Ritchie: 80 Med Top 6
A. Bjork: 79 High Top 9 (80, Med Top 6)
C. Wagner: 78 Med Bottom 6
J. Nordstrom: 76 Med Bottom 6

NHL Defenseman:
T. Krug: 88 Med Elite
C. McAvoy: 86 Med Elite
Z. Chara: 84 Med Top 4 (82, Med Top 6)
B. Carlo: 83 High Top 4 (84)
M. Grzylcyk: 81 Low Top 4
C. Clifton: 78 Med Top 6
J. Moore: 78 Med Top 6 (80) (He isnt bad, he just doesnt have a spot on the roster)
K. Miller: 76 Med 7 D (80) (He isnt bad, hes just injured)

NHL Goalies
T. Rask: 90 Med Elite (92) (Top goalie rn)
J. Halak: 82 Low Starter

Prospect Forwards (Not just AHLers, and I left out older AHLers like Gaunce and Carey)
J. Studnicka: 77 High Top 6
K. Kuhlman: 77 High Bottom 6 (High top 9) (79)
Z. Senyshyn: 74 High Top 9 (Medium top 6) (76)
JFK: 73 Med Top 9
J. Lauko: 72 Med Top 6
J. Beecher: 70 Med Top 6
T. Frederic: 70 Med Top 6 (Med top 9)
C. Paré: 70 Med Top 9
C. Hughes: 69 Low Top 9
A. Blidh: 68 Med Bottom 6 (75)
P. Cehlarik: 68 Med Bottom 6
O. Steen: 67 Low Top 9 (Medium top 9)
C. Hall: 67 Med Top 9
R. Fitzgerald: 65 Med Top 9
J. Koppanen: 65 High Bottom 6
Q. Olson: 64 Med Top 9
J. Schmaltz: 63 Med Bottom 6
M. Mäntykivi: 62 Low Top 9
P. Shen: 62 Low Top 9
J. Becker: 60 Low Bottom 6

Prospect Defensemen
J. Lauzon: 77 Med Top 6

U. Vaakanainen: 75 Med Top 4
J. Zboril: 74 Low Top 4
J. Ahcan: 71 Med Top 6
V. Berglund: 70 Low Top 6
R. Bychkov: 68 High Top 6
C. Clarke: 64 Med 7 D
D. McFaul: 62 High 7 D
W. Sherman: 60 Med AHL Top 2

Prospect Goalies
D. Vladar: 74 High Fringe Starter
J. Swayman: 70 Med Starter
K. Keyser: 65 Med Backup (Medium Starter) (70)
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Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 7:59 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhavikp27</b></div><div>I read everything or so

Maybe change " elite prospect " to " elite potential "
Otherwise I wouldn't have McAvoy, DeBrusk, Carlo, Bjork, Grzelcyk, Kuhlman, Clifton, Lauzon, Blidh. Too much pro/NHL experience IMO.

Personally, by <strong>potential</strong>

Studnicka: Top6 F
Beecher: Middle-six F
JFK: 3rd liner
Senyshyn: Middle-six F
Lauko: Middle-six F
Steen: Bottom-six F
Frederic: Bottom-six F
Hall: Bottom-six F

Vaakanainen: Top4 D (if not 1st pair)
Zboril: Top6 D

G are hard to predict but I feel like all three (Vladar, Swayman, Keyser) have the potential to play at NHL level, whatever it is as fringe starter or backup.

Hughes, Fitzgerald, Koppanen, Sherman: don't see them as regular NHLers (best case: 4th line) or AHLers

Idk enough/yet: Shen, Ahcan, Wolff, Berglund, Bychkov, Clarke, McFaul, Mantykivi, Olson, Schmaltz</div></div>

So we agree on pretty much everything escept for fredrick and Steen, which is fine because those two are up in the air anyway!

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhavikp27</b></div><div>To recap, I understand why some people don't necessarily say that the Bruins' prospect pool is one of the best because it's not.

But it's not " bad " either. Not as much as they think.

It's hard to be among a contender for the Cup and have a top10 prospect pool. But I think the Bruins have done well (drafting) even with some 2nd/3rd or late picks. Also, the NCAA signings.</div></div>

And we agree about this! Im not tryna say they have a top pool, not even top 10 or top 15, but to say they are bottom 5 is completely ridiculous and these "experts" really should reconsider