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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeautifulIdiot</b></div><div>Is this team better? Probably not, but are we better set up for the future? I’d say so. We dont know who those picks would be, that is where good scouting would come into play, it was well known that work ethic was not the strong suit of JV18 or OJ48, but that can be assessed and avoided nowadays. I am super high on JTM, I think he is a fantastic player, but he doesn’t fit the canucks window and that is why I think we should move him, not because of his “anger issues” that people say, I see that as passion, he is every bit the warrior that you say he is, but he’s 30, and if the organization does their homework and researches who is going to be the next steal in the draft, then I think that we should trust their judgement. The problem is myers and OEL, but if we can get out from the JTM contract so that it doesn’t hinder us when we push for the cup, I am all for it. The Avs are a far better team than the Canucks, and if Compher can be a 2C for them, he can be a 2C for us that will eventually transition down to a 3C where he can use his 2 way game to have an impact. I would love if miller would be the guy to do that, but if he’s an 8M 3C in 3 years, that’s an organizational failure</div></div>

I think Miller is better suited on the wing with Petey. And I'm perfectly fine paying 8 mil for him, especially with the cap projected to increase.

Miller Petey Kuzy
Beauvillier Compher Boeser
Mikheyev Bjugstad Barbashev
Di Giuseppe Aman Joshua

Hughes Bear/Schenn
Hirose Hronek
Gavrikov F. Johansson


We'd have around 22 mil if we bought out OEL or trade him. Signings would be:

Bear $2.5mil for 3 years OR Schenn $1.8mil for 3 years
Gavrikov $4.6mil for 4 years
Compher $5mil for 5 years
Barbashev $4.75mil for 5 years
Bjugstad $1.8mil for 2 years
Brossoit $1mil for 2 years

$19.65mil with Bear, $18.95mil with Schenn

Last 4 mil can be used to sign Hoglander.
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