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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Cory</b></div><div>All trades require a dance partner. I am not saying that is the reason nothing happened, but could be the case. I have a theory though on why Winnipeg doesn't make big trades. I honestly think that it is because nobody wants to come to Winnipeg. I feel like this teams ownership's top priority is not to win the cup, but to be able to keep a team in Winnipeg. That is why i think that they never want to part with assets or draft picks. I also think that even though now may be there window in our minds. The window is actually closed. This year the winner is coming out of the East. I see no paths where Winnipeg could beat Boston, Toronto, Rangers or Tampa and that is only if they can find a way past Colorado. In my mind losing in the final is the same as missing the playoffs. 2nd doesn't get you a trophy. Shortly after this year there is a good chance that Scheifele, Dubois, Helle and Wheeler are all gone so having those high prospects in the system plays a major role. If any of this thought process is close to what they are thinking. Then folks Winnipeg is preparing for a rebuild right now. and management is just trying to fool us with these little trades.</div></div>

Yeah well that way if business isn’t working anymore. They are sucking and fans aren’t showing up to the games. Heck now they are getting booed at their home games. Whether they like it or not they need to pick a direction. Also the a draft and develop system works but the issues you need to be good at a managing your assets and frankly jets have been aweful at drafting past the first round.