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No the Wild actually SAVE 8-10 million in value over the course of the three years, not add. Yes they will take a bigger cap charge in the first two years (4 if they bury Ladd, 3.5 for Clutterbuck and 2.5 in retention which totals 10 as opposed to 7.5) but then they pay nothing in years 3 through 5 except for 2.83 million (Ladd buyout and Parise) in year three and 2.5 in years four and five. That is a total CAP hit of less than 28 million (10+10+2.83+2.5+2.5) as opposed to a 7.5 million cap hit on Parise alone over 5 years being 37.5 million. Hell, they could even buyout Clutterbuck and save another 2 million in year two. Also, by trading him the Islanders could put him in the minors in years 4 and 5 for a minimal cost until he retires- and less the likelihood that the Wild will pay the enormous payment and cap hit if he retires early.

Leddy is still a very good LD and we very well may keep him. He is on the block because we have loads of talent on the blue line and can replace his veteran leadership by re-signing Greene. Nick is only 28 years old and is better defensively than most give him credit for- which is why he nets 20 minutes a game in Trotz system. He is not a third pairing guy any way you slice it. He could get a first round pick plus at any deadline, but since this is the offseason, two seconds would probably be his ceiling. I did even less with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th....but MINIMUM he would get a 2nd and 3rd.

Lastly, the Senators are in rebuild mode and adding a low cost veteran as well as reuniting Dal Colle with his old coach and a fresh start for Ho-Sang is worth a little. I am not to far off on that trade either....but really it is getting whatever for Hickey and I think Lou could easily make that deal even if it nets him less. Maybe he has to retain 1 million (500,000 each of his two years) and maybe it nets us alone a late rounder...but again, the deal is not farfetched at the slightest......

None of the three deals are. And BTW the rumored deal was in fact Ladd and Cluttebuck and retention on Parise was being mentioned. The Islanders will pay 3 million more on Ladd's bonus, making it even more likely they retain money owed....
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeygoalie53</b></div><div>Ok, wow, I don't even know where to begin with your posts... but lets give it a shot....

In this scenario, the Isles don't walk away from Lee, Eberle and Lehner because we signed Marner, those guys walk because Lee and Lehner want too many years and Eberle likely wants too much of a raise. Yes, absolutely the Isles can add, but this is done with taking into account the salary increases that are needed next year for Barzal, Toews, Pulock and Sorokin (we'll get to him later), which is going to cost 18-23 million, depending on the Sorokin contract.

Also, something everyone needs to understand is that LTIR isn't a guarantee for Ladd, yes, it's incredibly likely for next season, but the Isles can't work under the assumption his contract will be LTIR'd for the remainder of it, so any moves, trades, etc have to be done taking his 5.5m CAP hit into account. Also, with LTIR it doesn't guarantee his CAP hit is available to the Islanders automatically. It only works in that if the Isles are at the CAP ceiling and need to add a player they can move his contract to LTIR and use that CAP hit to do so, meaning ONLY IN THIS CASE, can they spend up to 88.5m in CAP... moving Ladd to LTIR doesn't mean his salary doesn't count towards the CAP, it only allows the Isles to spend over the CAP if need be.

Next point - 4 of the 5 prospects are already speculated to make the team out of camp. I'll break it down for you..

dal Colle - Played well under Trotz and likely has a spot for next season on the 3rd line.
Aho - Should have made the team last year, but was a roster casualty.. he and Toews are part of the reason the Isles are looking to trade off Hickey and Leddy.
Dobson/Ho-sang - Lou has already said these two will be given every chance to make the team out of camp. Dobson has won the CHL championship two years in a row now and can't be sent to Bridgeport because of his age. Barring a disastrous camp he'll be on the team.
Wahlstrom - the ONLY one of the 5 who may start the year in Bridgeport, but could easily force his way onto the team with a strong camp.

So, not really so ludicrous when you actually look at the facts and what's been said already.

As for your last point, the idea with Ladd or Boychuk being moved in the expansion draft is similar to Grabhovski being moved to Vegas in their expansion draft. A trade would be make with SEA to steer them away from taking guys we want to keep but couldn't protect, much the way we dealt with Vegas to keep them picking Bailey (and others). At the time of the expansion draft Boychuk will have 1 year left and Ladd either 1 or 2 years left, both could be very attractive to SEA if they need the CAP hit, plus get picks and/or prospects along with them.</div></div>

I repeat:

1) The likelihood we offer sheet Marner is almost slim to none- as is the likelihood that any BIG RFA gets offer sheeted....the owners simply don't want to go down that road
2) The likelihood all 5 of your prospects making the roster is also slim to none, a realistic opinion would be 2 or 3 (AT MOST)
3) Sorokin CANNOT sign for 5 million on his first contract, so saving 20 plus million is not necessary for Barzal (9-10), Pulock (5-6) and Toews (2-3)
4) Ladd may never even play hockey again and it is highly LIKLEY he spends the entire season on LTIR which means he WILL NOT COUNT against our cap. There is also the possibility that Clutterbuck winds up there (the back problem may be much worse than reported)....even if they don't we have flexibility to get more cap space anyway and I laid them out for you
5) It is still a more likely scenario that Dobson only gets a 9 game stay and returns to juniors- for the simple reason it would not effect his ELC....sure, there is a chance he sticks but it is 50/50 best....for Ho-Sang it is even less likely, assuming he is even still on the team. MDC has the best chance of the forwards, but even that is no guarantee. Aho also has a good shot, but only if Leddy/Hickey is moved; something that may or may not happen
6) Another long shot in predicting a bad contract being chosen in the expansion draft when a young defense man will be avilable. Could it happen? Sure,. Likely? No. And that is the problem with most of this page- it is filled with so many long shot suggestions
7) Your whole thing is **** anyway because Eberle just signed for 5 years at a reasonable AAV
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