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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>Look at the Wild's overall record with and without Spurgeon since they signed Suter/Parise. The Wild have the same p% for those games, it makes no difference if he's on the team or not in how they do.
He misses around 8 games a year due to injury.
He's topped 40p once in his career.
His p/60 aren't anything special and neither is his +/- (compared to the team).
He's an adv stats darling, same as Nino was in MN.
He's been glued to Suter's hip for years and before that it was Scandella. He's always been the weaker of the two d-man in his pairing.
Spurgeon is a product of the system MN runs and the players it's had. Swap him and say Risto or Barrie and Spurgeon would get as much hate as they do, and Risto/Barie would be looked at like top-10 d-men in the league.
Or look at Rielly in Tor. He lost his babysitter and went from a stud he was the last year to people asking what's wrong with him this year.</div></div>

Your first four points are irrelevant. It's easy to say " swap him with " or " put that x guy " and he'll be as good, you don't know that. " Spurgeon is a product of the system MN runs " of course that's why Dumba is that good...

His transition is questioned and he is poor on the PK, it appears. But otherwise, he's good/very good in pretty much everything else.
Spurgeon is now better than Suter, I don't know what it will take for you to understand that

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